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      Meet Dominic, a freshman in highschool trying to get through. He's one of the people who gets made fun of and he doesn't have many friends. Dominic is one of the people who gets made fun of for the way he dresses, how he styles his hair, and even just for his hobbies. No one has truly tried to get to know him because they think he's a freak. He's 5'9", wears V-necks, Skinny jeans, and either slip-ons, or converse. You know how everyone has a lable? Well he's proclaimed to be emo, or gothic if you prefer, just because of his looks.

     Meet Alexis, a girl who moved to Carbine to escape her memories of her dad beating her mom and all of the bullshit that she had to go through from her "friends". She was one of the "inbetween" which is a girl that is apart of the cliche and not apart of it. She's 5'1", has her own sense of fassion, and she has the "scene" hairstyle.. She's one of the girls that will talk to anyone and be a friendly figure to anyone who needs help.. Alexis hates moving and meeting new friends.. She's very shy but very nice, and maybe, she has a little twist to her...

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