Chapter 06

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I opened my eyes and saw nothing but black, slowly light is approaching and I can see a little girl playing, wait is that me? I looked around and saw familiar things and even my old teddy bear Sam,  a crashing noise was heard and I saw the little me snapped her head towards the door, she slowly stood up and walk towards it.

"Wait! Where are you going?" I grabbed her shoulder but I couldn't touch her, my hand only flew pass her.

I sighed and followed the little me, walking towards the familiar house and down to the stairs.

"Mommy? Daddy?" She softly spoke, I see her grip her teddy bear in hand tightly.

She peaked her head out and I also did, there stood my Dad and a man I don't know of.

"How did you get in? Rogue?" My Dad asked the man.

"Ouch, are we not buddies anymore? Chris?" Buddies? With my father? A rouge?

"Well, Not important, now where's your daughter?" The man continued

I furrowed my eyebrows, He's looking for me? I didn't get into some sort of trouble shit with this rouge in this young age right?

My dad looked taken aback but let out a murderous growl.

"Why?" He's calmed and composed but I know more than that, he's more dangerous when he's like that.

"Well, I just heard that your daughter has received an interesting skill. Alpha wants her."

Useful skill? What? That I can control water? Well yeah pretty useful.

I looked at the little me and saw her widen her eyes, she trembled in fear and placed her hands in her mouth.

She jumped out of shock and her teddy bear fell downstairs when Dad choked the Man, he was angry, of course he would be.

"Looks like your daughter is here." The man laughed.

"Stay away from her!" My dad growled.

"I'm gonna take her with me, kill you and let your little mate suffer the loss until she dies then we'll take over this pack." I myself was getting angry and angrier.

"Chris!" My mom opened the front door and the plastic bags she had on hand fell.

"Little me! Hey! Run upstairs! Hey!" Ugh this is so frustrating. She can't hear me.

The little me just froze there on her spot but she wasn't afraid anymore.

Her blue and gray eyes were turning sharp tint of garnet, red veins started appearing around her eyes and neck. Everything about this child infront of me screamed danger. She looked ready to murder someone and this time I was the one who froze in my spot. This

I saw her walked down the stairs she made movement with her left hand and the man floated, he screamed as he was slammed to the wall quiet a few times, her right hand shot up and I saw knives floating, emerging from the kitchen, she swirled her hands as the knives mimicked her movements. Closing her tiny fist the knives collided with the man, she pulled them back and threw the knives to him again.

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