24- Captured

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Percy's PoV: {LABYRINTH}

After going through countless corridors, my legs felt like jelly. We had walked for hours and hours without rest, maybe even days since time in the labyrinth is fluid.

"Hey," Rachel stopped me. "let's have some rest, okay?" I nodded. We sat down on the cold stone floor and leaned against the wall. This corridor was not fancy, unlike the others we have seen, and was made out of stone. There were a bunch of bones and a skull opposite of us. "Percy," I looked at Rachel. "Pan mentioned that you are a god and you also muttered something about Nico knowing that you are a god."

"Uhm... Yeah..."

"So can you, like, summon some food and make it warm in here or something." She smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, okay." I used the powers that was given to me by Hestia to summon two McDonald's happy meals and two Diet Cokes. Well, it just came to my mind because of the meeting with Nico and since they serve only Diet Cokes at camp. Then, I gathered up the pile of bones and made a fire. "Sorry, buddy." The skull looked at me like it wanted to set me on fire too. After doing all the hardwork, I opened one happy meal box and took out the french fries which were all blue. I looked at Rachel who took a bite off her blue hamburger. Guess all the food was blue since my favorite color was blue. I ate a french fry and suprisingly it tasted like the regular old french fries.

"Percy," Rachel said while chewing on a hamburger. "is these stuff I'm seeing really real? Like all these monsters, swords, gods and this maze I'm in right now? Or am I just crazy?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Well, I'm not supposed to be talking about this with a mortal but since you are helping me, yes. The Greek Myths are real. Although I'm not part of the old myths since I'm a new god... The only explanation I have for you seeing these things is that you're a mortal who can see through the Mist, the magical veil that hides the mythical world from mortals." I gave her a long lecture and finished my Diet Coke. When I looked at Rachel, I jumped back. Her irises were emerald green and there was green mist around her. "Rachel..." I was going to put my hand on her shoulder but she suddenly started speaking. I drew my hand away.

"Mother against son..." Rachel spoke with a raspy and ancient voice which very much did not belong to her. The green light in her eyes flickered after she said that line. "The earth to be ripped apart..." Then she passed out and the green mist disappeared. I immediately caught her before her head could hit the stone floor. I didn't know what happened to her but I was pretty sure that the lines she uttered were part of a prophecy. The unusual thing was that prophecies are only told by the Oracle of Delphi.

Before I could think more about the matter or even let Rachel lie down to rest, I heard something. I extinguished the fire, incase, so we were left with the little light that came from the cracks between the stones. It sounded like someone with very big feet was marching. Then from the way we came appeared a giant with a hundred hands and fifty faces. It stopped when it saw me and the next thing I heard made me cringe. A sharp whip sound cut through the air and the giant wailed. From behind it came the worst creature I have ever seen. It had a human head with snakes for hair like Medusa, a half human body like a centaur but with reptilian skin and a dragon half with gigantic claws. It also had huge bat wings and a venomous scorpion tail. But the most gruesome thing was the monstrous belt of skin around its waist which occasionally produced animal heads. A name came to my mind, Kampê.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" It was as if it was speaking another language but I could still understand it. It's voice was that of a female and was like a snake's. I stood up, still carrying Rachel, and backed away. A bear appeared on her monstrous belt and roared at me. Impulsively, I threw a french fry at it. The bear morphed into a wombat and the french fry went to its mouth and it gagged. "Stop playing!" Kampê hissed. "For a god, you act like a dumb mortal. Well, all the gods are like that anyway." Her words got my attention.

"Says some creature who clearly had pre-birth disfigurations and mutations which horrified its parents leading it to be thrown away to whip some giant with a hundred hands." The monster looked at me dumbfounded. All those science lectures were really worth it. After like 5 seconds of processing what I said, she turned ferocious.

"Briares!" She hissed at the giant with a hundred hands. "Chain that foolish god up and follow me. I'll show him what happens when he messes with me." The giant, Briares, looked at the whip in her hand out of fear and approached me. I backed away to the wall. Since Rachel was still unconscious, I could not fight properly.

Then he threw a chain at me which rapped around my hands. Suddenly, I felt drained but I did my best to carry Rachel. Briares picked me up and followed Kampê who had already started to walk down the corridor. I tried to squirm free but it was of no use. I could only use the strength I had left to keep Rachel from falling. The corridor split into two and Kampê took the left one. It smelled very toxic and green slime was on the walls. At the end, there was light and cheers and yells could be heard.

It was a huge underground colosseum littered with skulls everywhere. Monsters of every kind were seated on the stone seats. Some were holding banners, some had souvenirs and some were eating popcorn. Who knew that monsters ate popcorn? Hanging from the rooftop that was the height of two Empire State buildings were a bunch of chains. Seated on a big throne like seat, where if we're talking about the Colosseum, the emperor would sit, was a giant. It's head was shaped like an avocado and it had a Mohawk hairstyle. If I were to describe it simply, he looked like a pig. Briares put me down but got Rachel from me. Before I could do anything, Kampê pushed me forward and everyone's attention turned on me. When she touched my left arm, my skin burned very painfully that it almost went numb.

"Looks like we have a new entertainer. Welcome brother." The avocado headed giant stood up and looked at me with fire burning in his eyes.

Word Count: 1172 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: April 18, 2017
A/N: Here is the update with blue food on top😂. This chapter needed so much research lol. Now the story has 1K more reads and 100 more votes than last time so thank you guys!!! Keep on reading, voting and commenting! I might update again some time soon since it's summer but I'm not sure since the next chapter will need a lot of work. Just inspire me with some comments and I might update fast hahaha. Until then, bye guys!

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