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It's been over a year since my mother left my step-father and I. Things between us have gotten better since the incident at Hot Topic. We had a huge fight that night, resulting in the both of us going to bed with steam coming out of our ears. The next morning he came into my room, apologizing for his freak out. "I was just so caught up in my own business that I realized I already lost your mother, I can't lose you too." He said.

I started to go back to school, it isn't easy, but no one really knows what happened besides Star. Since we aren't friends anymore, I don't really have anyone to talk to. I have no friends. It's not like I mind though, I feel a lot better and I get a lot more done when I am by myself. Vic says that I should at least try to converse with other teenagers but it isn't worth it. They're all... boring. He says that I should try to get a boyfriend, but I can see a small part of him doesn't want me to. Truth be told, I don't want one either. At least not one around my age. I prefer the older ones. The ones that have experience. Not the creepy teenage ones that will get too excited into the first few minutes of sex and finish early, leaving me unsatisfied. No. I like the ones that know exactly where to touch me and how they should. The ones that aren't afraid to command. Dominate. Take control. I prefer Victor.

There have been a few sexual tension times between Vic and I. Like the moments when he walks into my room unannounced, catching me changing. The time when I was walking around in nothing but a large tee and a pair of panties. I love to tease him. Watching that light shade of pink rise up on his tan cheeks, gives me a sense of accomplishment.

It's hard to live with him. Especially when his room is right across from mine, allowing me to hear every single thing, from his television to his muffled groans when he touches himself. Oh god, when he touches himself. It kills me. Every time I hear him silently moaning, I touch myself along with him. I listen to his pace. He gets so intense sometimes and I can practically taste his sweat. It drives me wild, wishing that I was the cause of those savory groans. Wanting him to explore every crevice that my body provides. To feel his stubble against the inside of my thighs. I bet his face pulls into the cutest gesture when he orgasms.

Anyway, before I get too hot and bothered, I will leave you with all of this information.

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