Chapter 1 Ugh

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"Have fun bye guys!" I said. Finally alone time. "Sweetie we got you a babysitter so mind them! Love you!" My mum said hugging me. "Wait what?!" I asked. They had already left. My mum texted me.

Mum❤️: The babysitter will be there at 2.

You: Why did you get me a babysitter?!!

Mum❤️: I want you to be safe. Now I'm going to go. Also I haven't seen the babysitter or talked to just texted. But if anything goes wrong call me or your father. Be safe love you.💙💙


She didn't text after that. Why do I need a babysitter?!! I decided to go to my room and enjoy the time I had alone.

~time skip~

I heard a knock on the door. I groaned. I made sure my hair looked okay, and my makeup I had on. I walked downstairs and opened the door, to see a tall guy, about my age, with chocolate brown eyes. Dang he's hot. "Um my name's Dan. I'm your babysitter." He said awkwardly. "Oh yeah um..come in." I said. I moved aside so he could come in. "So why do you need a babysitter?" He asked. "Overprotective parents." I said. He nodded. "So..would you like something to drink or?.." I asked. "Thought I was your babysitter." He said with a chuckle.

I laughed. "Wanna play Mario Kart?" I asked. "Sure but I'm the best at it so.." He said. I laughed. "We'll see about that." I said with a smirk.


He won all the rounds. What can I say? I haven't played it in awhile. "HAHA IN YOUR FACE-" "Y/N." I said. "Y/N!" He said doing a victory dance. I laughed and shook my head. "I'm hungry." I said. "Want me to make something?" He asked. "Dan you may be my babysitter but I think I can do that myself." I said with a chuckle. "Well we can't go out or anything." He said. "What? Why?" I asked. "Your mum said so." He said. "And? It's not like your gonna tell her, right?" I said. "Well..I am responsible for you and supposed to tell her everything you do wrong." He said with a smirk.

"You better not." I said. "And if I do?" He asked with a smirk. "This", I said grabbing his phone "Will be gone." I said with a smirk. He looked at me with big eyes. "Welp were going out!" He said, grabbing his phone. I laughed. We took his car to Starbucks.

~time skip~

He must have seen someone there, cause he waved at them. I looked where he was looking and it was a guy with black, raven, hair with blue eyes. We went inside and ordered. "Let's go sit with my friend." He said. I nodded. "Hello!" His friend said. "Hi." I said smiling. "Hey!" Dan said. "I'm Y/N, and you are?" I asked. "Phil." He said with a smile. "I'm Y/N's" "Friend!" I said cutting him off. "Nice to meet you Y/N." He said smiling. "You too." I said smiling back.

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