Part 27 [Brenda's Truth] Back to First Person

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"WE'VE BEEN DRIVING FOR A WHILE NOW. WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?" I ask. Ever since we pulled away from the salon, Modeus has sat quiet staring intently out the window.

"Somewhere no one can interrupt us," Modeus says. "I have something very important to tell you."

I reach over to my arm and delicately trace the scar with my finger. "I guess I have more to tell you too."

Modeus breaks his gaze to face me. "It's about that scar you hide, isn't it?"

"No...well yes," I say, taking a moment to catch up with everything piling up in my head. Oh, Jesus Christ already. "Stacy saw the scratch marks underneath my ear, Modeus. I couldn't tell her what they are because I'm not even sure what they are and yes, it all points back to this scar." I take a quick breath and look over at Martin. "Sorry."

With no more emotion in Modeus' heavy gaze since getting in the car, he stares back out the window. "Well, it seems we both have secrets to reveal."

Even more nervous now than before, I rest my head back on the seat and think about what secret he could possibly have to tell me.

Moments later, Martin pulls the car off the road. There is nothing around us for miles except Desert Mountains and dried brush.

"Here you are sir," Martin says.

I nervously clear my throat. "We're in the middle of nowhere."

"That's exactly where this has to be," Modeus says. "And I'm anxious to do this so please, let's get out."

As if eerily setting the mood of what is to come, the dry desert wind blows fiercely as Martin helps me out of the car and onto the sand. He shuts my door, faces Modeus and nods. He then gets back into the car and drives off without another word.

It is just the two of us in the middle of the desert—the middle of nowhere.

Somberly, Modeus turns to me. "I brought you here because after our conversation this morning, I realized I have to open up to you too. Otherwise, this is never going to work and I want it to work. It has to work."

"We had to come out in the middle of the desert to have this conversation?" I ask.

"What I have to tell you is so deep and fucked up that at first, I'm afraid you may deny me... and that will break my heart."

I stand silently with nothing but my anxiety to hold me in place.

"It's about what I was, what I am now, and what I wish to be," he says.

More wind howls past us with a high-pitched squeal.

"Go on," I say, pulling strains of hair from my mouth.

"First, let's start with the scratches on your neck. Those are from me. I marked you."

"Marked me?"

Modeus comes a bit closer. His pupils turn deep red. "I'm not what you think I am."

Like poison, an uncertain fear seeps into my stomach. Although Modeus has changed his eyes several times in my presence, I naively assumed it could be explained away. I take a step back. "What are you?"

"I'm a cursed man. A demon if you will...banned to this earth by my father. My eyes are part of my punishment."

Maybe it is the wind or the lingering truth beneath the superficial game we have been playing, or maybe I am scared, but my legs begin to shake uncontrollably.

He takes another step towards me. "But that's not what I really am."

I frantically examine my surroundings and realize he brought me out here so I could not run.

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