Ruined by TVD - Lewis Hamilton

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"This is not happening! Not not not not!" He shouted from everywhere while I was watching TV

"Someone died?"

"FFS No! Fuck No!"

"Don't shout then! I'm watching The vampire diaries. And I have to pay attention so I can be sarcastic to you like Damon is with everyone!"

"Jesus Christ! When the freaking hell you're going to start paying attention to me?"

"Well I always do! You can't deny that!"

"No you don't! That's why you took more than 100% of my hoodies and my shirts!"

"You allowed me Lew... You allowed Me!"

"I didn't allow shit! Now give me everything you took from me."

"How the real Fuck you want me to give your virginity back?"

"THE HELL I'M TURNING YOU INTO!!" He sat down by my side holding his laugh "Still Want my hoodies back."

"You know where they are Babe..." I kissed his cheek.

"But you're not watching this anymore. This Damon guy is ruining you. And I'm the only one who can ruin you." He winked and left me smirking at his response.

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