Chapter Seventeen

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Disclaimer: None of this is mine, nor will it ever be (sigh). I like to play with the characters that Stephenie Meyers created and make them do pervy things or become angels with a bad attitude.

We're going back to Edward this chappie ... what will happen with Riley? Will he be at work?

Chapter Seventeen


I hated leaving her. She was still asleep as I got dressed for work. Her dreams were brutal and her rest was anything but restful. I pulled out a feather from my wing, placing it under the pillow. "Felix, up." My dog hopped onto the bed, snuggling close to Bella. His tale thumped. I ruffled his fur before kissing her temple and ducking out of my bedroom. Jasper was already seated at the kitchen counter, reading the newspaper. "None of that bullshit from yesterday, Jasper. She's my mate. Treat her with respect."

"I'm sorry," Jasper said, putting down the paper. "She is a good person and no one should have to deal with this. I was so wrong about her and wrong with my actions."

"Is this you talking or Alice ripping you a new asshole?" I spat.

"Both," he answered, arching a brow. "I get that we may never be friends, Edward." He sighed heavily and continued. "But, your mate is important to us. Which makes you important. This comes from the big guy upstairs. This is your chance at redemption."

I looked at him, his sour expression and crossed arms. "You don't think I'm capable of being redeemed, do you?"

"That's not my decision to make," Jasper shrugged.

"I was tricked. Tricked! He hid his true identity in Hitler," I growled. "I thought that I was helping someone in immense pain. I've been down here, living amongst humans. I've tried to do good."

"And He's noticed," Jasper muttered. "I don't think it's enough. With your help, the largest genocide in the modern world happened during World War II. I was held as a prisoner of war in one of those concentration camps. I was this close to being sent to a gas chamber, Edward. It's your fault!"

"What's going on?" Bella asked, her hair disheveled and her eyes bleary.

"Nothing," Jasper grunted.

"Bullshit," she snapped. "I heard you yelling. If you're going to be that way, I'll take my chances with Felix as my protector. Whatever resentment you have toward Edward needs to fucking stop."

Jasper's eyes swirled with anger and he clenched his fists. Bella flinched, taking a step back. I glared at Jasper. He must have seen Bella's fear and he calmed down. "I'm sorry, Miss Bella," Jasper said contritely. "I would never hurt you. Please believe that."

"Regardless, I'll take my chances with Felix," she said, moving next to me and snuggling up to my side. "I'm sorry, Edward. I don't trust him."

"And you have no one to blame but yourself," I hissed, glowering at Jasper. He hung his head in shame, getting up and leaving us in the kitchen. "I'm calling Mrs. Cope. I don't want to leave you alone, Bella."

"Edward, I'm okay," she said, but the waver in her voice and her uncontrollable shaking told me otherwise.

I caught a glimpse of something on my deck. I turned to see Carlisle, one of the Lordships in Heaven. He took my side and was one of the deciding votes to not recycle me. He wore modern clothing but looked otherworldly, a glow surrounding his body and his wings a bright white, almost blinding. He glided into my kitchen, his eyes soft with concern and fear for the woman clinging to me. "Edward, it's been too long, son," he said, his voice deep and resonant. His accent was very proper, almost sounding like music.

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