Hug? Hug! - Sebastian Vettel

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#REQUESTED by VettelFerrari 😅😅... Well I usually have to sit and write slowly, but I just decided to follow this idea and also, Google translator sometimes doesnt help that much😂😂... I really hope you like it darling😚❤


Having bad days in work was a super normal thing to me, but having horror movies day aka HORRIBLE DAYS was the worst thing ever...
I had to work double today because the boss's darling made a trip that Me as the head of the department should do and then he brings me more paper fucking work because he's too busy to do it? Then why the shit is he the boss? Scheisse Scheisse Scheisse... Verpiss dich.


"Stück Arsch!" I shouted still annoyed at my entire life!

"Wow I see the German insult dictionary has arrived in person." He laughed having fun with the fact that I was really getting used to his mother tongue but then he realised that something was wrong! "Liebe, is everything okay? Why you're wet, where is your car? " His beautiful blue eyes were shining like two little diamonds.

"That blöd, stumm Arschloch, ass Gesicht...-" he cut me off

"Okay honey I get it, I get it he's an idiot!" He hide his chuckle.

"He just made me work the double. First he sends his favourite Hündin that other idiot who doesn't even how to do her own job to do MY job! She receives the double of her salarie while I'm the one who does everything! I have to work for him and for her because they are both Scheißerei. I lose my precious time every freaking day in that place while they can't even thank me! I'm just tired Verdammt". I saw how he felt so bad and lost maybe because he couldn't do much in that moment. " Then it started raining and my car had a flat tire at the exit of the parking lot, that's why I'm a mess, I broke my heels, probably my phone is dead, my laptop! Ich bin geschraubt Seb! "He shook his head slightly while got closer to me.

"My Liebe, I'm so sorry... come!" He says opening his arms, giving space for a hug that I'm sure would be the best in the world. He took off his hoodie and puts around me to warm me and it was actually working. "Let's go to our room." I nod leaving his embrace but he suddenly carried me bridal style, with my bag to our room. He took my shoes off and took me to the shower. With my clothes and everything he puts me into the very hot shower that relaxes me more than it should since I was wearing my clothes.

I saw when he removed his shirt, and the rest of his clothes while helped me taking off my clothes. He massaged each part of my body with his shower gel, which made me feel comfortable, sensible but also protected. After the shower I felt better, but something was missing...


"Yes Liebe?!"

"Can we both get up so you can hug me like a baby?" I asked and he side smiling.

"I was wondering if you wanted... Hug?"

"Hug!" I said while he comfortingly puts me around his very strong and bigger arms compared to my small figure. "I can't let you go back to that place Liebe! Monday we're going there together and you'll resign!"

"I can't Love, I have to work!"

"Well maybe is the right time to you to accept Bernie's job proposal Liebe... I'm not saying it because we will be closer, but also because they would never treat you like this... Never ever! I love you too much to let you suffer like this."

"Why your hug always solve my entire problems in life?"

"Because you are my life... I Love you!"

"I love you... and I love your hugs..."

"Well let me just mention the fact that you're learning to insult in German very Well... Honestly Liebe! You're making me very proud." He smirked making me laugh at his excitement.

"Honestly Sebby!"

"Just to remind you that Honestly is our Forever!"

"I thought Hug was our forever!"

"Hug then?"

"You're already hugging me, But Hug then." He gave me a quick peck and then hugged me again while we both kept staring at the beautiful rain falling outside... Wearing his huge hoodie and being in his arms was everything I needed to forget that day... and it actually worked out because every time I have a bad day, I know my Liebe, my prince will always be there waiting to hug me until I fall asleep... He just owns the best hug ever...


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