Smart Ideas - Stoffel Vandoorne

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Blessed Sunday... well at least that's what Stoff and his friends call this day.
Since it was a GP free weekend we decided to stay home just having fun, but I swear I always ended up with super headaches because Stoff always ask or say things that will make you pee yourself laughing and that's probably oen of the best parts of him: he always makes me smile hard, not only me, everyone who's around him, but of course as his future wife I'm the number one victim and this time wasn't different...

I was organising our room while he sat on the small sofa in the corner of the room in silence. Well maybe he misses his friends and F1, but he loves being at home too.. That's the dilema I have when he's always quite... or he just wants to talk his trashy things, as always.


"Yeah!" I answer still folding his shirts.

"Have you stopped to think what it would be like if there were no chairs in the world?" Okay, it was a weird but smart question... weird coming from him.

"Yeah it would be seriously strange baby."

"But why would it be strange if you have your personal chair?"

"Personal chair?"

"Duh! My Face. You sit on my face because that's your personal chair!"

"Why are you like this?!" I signalised him to stop while I left the room laughing like a psychopath! I knew he would come up with more weird ideas because that's Stoff, that's my man!

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