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"Help people even when you know they can't help you back"- unknown


Number One


As soon as I step foot into the house, I rush towards the laundry. Candy walks behind me, dripping water and sand over the wooden floors. I hold her by her leash, so she won't run on the carpet and rub herself on the sofas.

I pull the jacket off my body as fast as humanely possible and I open the washer and throw the jacket inside. I'll have to return the jacket to Simon on Monday and I'm contemplating throwing it at his head and running away to avoid further confrontation or place the jacket in a bag and leave it on his desk in any of the classes we share together and it's quite a few. We don't have the same schedule, but it should work.

Aliza you are a genius!

I slide down the side of the washer and stare at Candy. the washer rumbles and vibrates behind me and Candy stares at me like she has not done anything wrong.

"I hope you enjoy China." I mutter as I take her to the bathroom and I turn on the shower. The water burst out and it's as cold as ice itself. I wait impatiently for the water to get warmer and then I usher Candy into the tub. She welcomes the water with open arms and laps at it. I grab her shampoo and begin washing her. Whilst I'm in the middle of scrubbing my now foamy dog, my phone rings and that means something.

My phone never rings. Never. Never. Never.

I don't have friends to call. Gina wouldn't call. Is it mom? I doubt it.

I run for my phone like it's a call from Channing Tatum himself.

What he's hot as hell

Ha, that actually made sense!

My eyes glaze over the caller ID and it's not my mom rather it's a number I don't reconize.

"Hello?" I answer, trying not to sound out of breath since I sprinted all the way over here.

"Hello, is this Aliza? I'm-"

"Yes this is Aliza. I am Aliza. My name is Aliza." I say in a jumble of words and the woman on the phone laughs softly. She sounds so elegant! Like a lily flower.

"Established." She says and my cheeks get hot. "I'm Justine, Tyler's mom."

"I'm so glad you called! I met Tyler the other day and he's so sweet!" I exclaim and my voice holds more enthusiasm than needed.

"Thank you. I wanted to thank you for walking him home. It made him feel better. He said you became his friend." Justine says and I nod vigorously even though she can't see me.

She pauses before continuing as if she's hopeful and scared at the same time. "I, um, heard you babysit. How much do you charge for a hour?" Her voice goes soft and hesitant and I understand why she's so scared to ask me. She can't afford a babysitter. It's the only reason why Tyler walks home alone. She's scared I'll give her a ridiculous price.

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