Dinosaurs visit - Sebastian Vettel

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"Aahhhhh Scheisse.!"

"Liebe, what's wrong?" He asked getting worried while I lost my patience for the 100 time that day. "I know you like to use the German vocabulary a lot, but you do it often when you're angry, so don't tell me it's nothing!" He said calm trying to comfort me.

"This is the worst freaking day ever! Not only because I have a cold and I'm coughing like I've been smoking for years... First, my car suddenly stopped, then the bank cancelled my freaking credit card so I wasn't able to do grocery shopping, I arrive home and the stove isn't working, then my phone felt into the water! Now I just burned the curry and guess what? I'm not fucking Pregnant this Month so I just received a visit from the Australian Dinosaurs and the Niagara falls!" I shouted and he gave his best to hold his laugh.

"With dinosaur visit and Niagara falls do you mean you're in your period honey?" He asked trying to hug me but I dodge it.

"Do you think this is funny? Fuck You Sebastian."

"Honey I don't think it is funny, i mean you always end up making things so funny... Just analyse with me baby girl, who would call her period as Dino visit or the Niagara falls? And also, it was just a bad day honey. I promise it was only a bad dream, a very very bad dream." I shook my head while he hugged me tight.

"I'm a stupid ass loser!"

"No! You're Mine! Now come, let's do some grocery shopping for you, just to handle those Dinosaurs inside of you." He smirked and kissed my hair.

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