He cheers you up

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It was the saddest and worse day of you entire life. Your mom got cancer, your dog died that was with you since you were like 7 years old, your dad is with some slut, and now you're in your car listening to sad music and crying.

Before all this you had already been crying after watching a really sad movie. It was about a woman getting cancer and died while her daughter was in college trying to get good grades. Once she found out her mom fired she killed herself the day before her wedding.

Well now you have to see your best friend since birth, Gerald aka G-eazy. Most new fans know him mostly from his most popular song...well you know what song that is. It's on the radio and there have been about a million copies of it sold. He even sang it on live news.

Anyways, I parked and walked into the hotel he was staying in. I went to the front desk," Hello welcome to-" "I know what hotel it is I'm not blind. It says it all over." "Oh....well do you have a room?" "No I'm here for my friend Gerald." "Gerald...?" "G-eazy, he's hella tall, has dark hair."

She shook her head," I have no clue who you're talking about." "Gerald Gillum." I sighed deeply looked around." He's in room 2939." "Which level?" "Three." "See ya later dude." I went to his room.

Tears were about to burst out as I knocked quickly on his door. Gerald opened it, he was wearing his usual leather jacket, white shirt under, black pants, and vans." Yo y/n where ya been?" He pulled me into the room and I began crying.

"Woah calm down dude what's up?" "So much shit as happened today." "Like what?" "My mom got cancer, Uno ya know my dog died, my dad is with some slut now, and I watched a sad ass movie and listened to sad music."

He brought me into a tight warm hug which he's not much of a hugger, in fact neither am I. But since it's him I'll hug him back. I cried into his chest making his white shirt now a little wet." I'm sorry I know you hate when people cry."

"Nah shut up y/n/n you're my best friend I'd do anything for you." "Would you die for me?" "Yeah." "Would you...would you live for me?" "Yes." I looked at him and gave him a weak smile.

He grinned letting go from the hug," There's the smile I love to see!" I punched his arm," You know I hate smiling." "No wonder why you don't smile for pictures." "G shut up you're supposed to be cheering me up."

I frowned," Now now do frown." "I hate my life." "Don't say that. It'll get better. Now put that damn smile back on your face." I shook my head," I'm not feelin it." "Fine you can't smile ever again. No smiling, if you smile I'll shoot you."

Damn he got me, he knows every time he does that I give in and smile." I hate you." He hugged me once again," You love me." "Shut up." I giggled.

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