Chapter three-Daisy chains and Fairy houses

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It had been three days since Alex had met Ivy. He hadn't talked to her but had glimpsed her through her window a few times. She was always doing the strangest things, just yesterday, Alex had seen her carrying enourmas tins of paint into her bedroom but he hadn't seen her painting anything and the day before that she had been setting up her furniture and he still couldn't see any bed.

I wonder what she sleeps on then...

He thought for the hundreth time.

He hadn't seen her parents either. It seemed like they were never home, which led Alex to wonder what they were doing and why they'd moved here.

The street was reasonably quiet and only had old people or families with very small children and it was nice to finally have someone Alex's age.

Speaking of which, Alex thought, I didn't ask how old Ivy was.

He decided he would next time they had a conversation. Alex himself had turned sixteen two months ago. Ivy looks around sixteen he thought.

He was suddenly ripped from his thoughts by the sound of something hitting his window.

He drew back the curtains to see Ivy standing on her lawn and pebbles in her hand. Alex opened the window and smiled down at her.

"Hi" Ivy said, waving slightly

"Hi" Alex responded

"Sorry if you're busy, but I was wondering if you wanted to do something" Alex thought about it.

"Define something"

"Well, perhaps a walk in the park or visiting a neighbour or going out for ice cream"

"All three?" Alex asked hopefully. Ivy beamed up at him.


"I'll be two seconds" he told her and rushed to get his shoes on.

He rushed down the stairs and out the door, forgetting his wallet in his haste.

Ivy was wearing a long, swishy summer dress with paisly patterning and a denim jumper over it.

Although this was normal, the strangest thing was her feet.

Which were bare.

"Okay, first stop: your house" Alex said.

"Why would we need to go to my house?" she questioned, looking puzzled.

"Shoes, you aren't wearing any" Alex answered, gesturing to her feet. Ivy glanced down at her toes and stared as though she didn't know her feet were bare before.

"Correct" she said. "I am not wearing shoes"

"So... don't you want to go put some on?" Alex asked, confused but slightly amused. Ivy looked like she was thinking about it very hard

"No thanks" she decided "I like being a part of nature"

"Well you are standing on a concrete path currently" Alex informed her.

Ivy grabbed his hand and took off down the road "come on then! Lets get to the park"

Alex allowed himself to be dragged along enjoying the feeling of her warm, small hand in his.

The closest park was only two blocks away and Ivy eventually slowed down and, much to his dissapointmen, let go of Alex's hand. They walked along in silence and Alex was just about to find something to say when Ivy spoke

"Do you believe in fairies?"

This question was so obscure it caught Alex quite by suprise.

"I...uhhh I don't think so I think...ummm when I was little maybe... I don't know. Am I supposed to? Do you you?"

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