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I haven't forgotten any of you, I've just run out of chapters to dedicate people on. As soon as a new one is made I'll post you guys up. :) From now on I'll be adding anyone that comment 3 + times, votes, help me with this book, or any other nice thing people have done.

"I'll remember it later, I'm out of chapters." Doesn't work for me, I'll forget and hurt someone's feelings. ;-; Am still a little clueless on some online social things, what about people who follow do they need a big thank you? (Dedication)

I don't think this first book will have enough chapters left for all these deductions! Lucky, there'll be a second Soul Tear (no title yet) This might end up being an old school tritology. This first book has taught me lot, one thing being that a good satisfying ending is so important! How many books have you read where the ending isn't an ending (cliff hanger, growl!) or it made no sense, or it felt rushed? Na, I'm going to take the time to get this right, you all deserve that much. Even if I have to miss entering the Wattys again this year I don't care getting this right is more important than trying for a shiny sticker.

When Amazon is fair to writers again I plan on putting this and any following books up on there. First I have to get my writing chops, amazon reviews are no joke, you disappoint them and word spreads all over the internet that your writing is bad. We are in a sheltered place here in Wattpad with rules protecting us to a point, out in the wild web hower, you have one shot to get it right.


- dark

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This list is super long now so some of you might go as dedications in the second book.

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