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Emily POV

I walk into school, everything seemingly grayer without her here. By the time I reach my locker I can't help but glance to my right, seeing two girls standing in front of her locker, taking a picture of themselves.

"God it's so horrible. #Alwaysremember," one says and the other nods solemnly, walking away.

I look inside my locker and stare at my books, my backpack sliding off my shoulder. My head shakes from side to side, attempting at knocking her out of my head but I can't. She won't leave. I can't let go.

After all, it's only been 3 weeks since it happened.

I shove my bag in and take out the necessary books, walking down the hallway but freezing when I reach the locker decorated with a shrine. Pictures of her, notes saying things like "we miss you" or "we love you" or even "never forget". 

Doctor Sullivan, our school guidance counselor's door opens and out walks her and Caleb Rivers, the school's jock while the bell rings.

"Thank you for meeting with me," she says and he nods, the door shutting behind her when she goes back into her office, Caleb walking down the hall but catching me staring.

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

He walks over, looking like crap, might I add.

I shake with fear as he gets closer, "I was just uh-" "uh? I said-" "you don't even know who I am," I whisper and he stares at me.

"I know exactly who you are Fields. And for the record, I don't care what she says. You're not that innocent. And we all know it."

I frown in confusion but shudder with fear while he towers over me. Not knowing what he is saying, I gulp and nod, "no yeah uh...sure?"

A door opens and Doctor Sullivan walks out, "guys. Class? Bell rang, let's go."

He glares at me, "I'm watching you Emily Fields. Don't forget it." He walks away from me, leaving me stunned, but I make my way to first period, sitting in class, trying to listen to Mr. Fitz.

"If someone you know starts to distance themselves from activities they normally enjoy, they change interests or have a change in appearance..." I zone out of Mr. Fitz's lesson and stare at the empty seat the row next to me, two seats up.

"As you can see from the reading I assigned last night, Gatsby has come back to win Daisy back and-" 

*Bell rings*

Mr Fitz sighs, "alright guys make sure to read the next 10 pages for tonight! Sharks, good luck at the game tonight! I expect a win over the Devils!"

I put my books away and look at her, her blonde hair cut to a shorter length. "I like it," I comment and she looks at me.

"Huh?" She tilts her head to me, eyebrow raised and I clear my throat, fixing the collar of my shirt as I feel hotter by the second.

"I-uh. The hair. I like it the change. I mean I don't usually like change but this um. You look good." I smile nervously and she stares at me, smiling gently, yet uncomfortably, "thanks."

She stands up and walks out of the classroom. 

"Emily." I frown, looking around.



I jump, hearing the class laugh at me while my mind comes back to reality. I stare at Mr. Fitz who is looking at me, seemingly amused, "huh?" I say, causing the class to laugh even more.

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