The Aftermath

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I didn't hesitate to call the cops. When they arrived, they took Sasuke's insane stalker away. Then they took me, Itachi and Sasuke all down to the precinct. Kisame came, too. My wrists were wrapped up and we all got questioned.

Attempted rape of a minor... that's what I heard them call it. Either way, he's going to be locked up... when he wakes up, that is. Or rather, if he wakes up. He's in a coma. I guess the damage was pretty heavy and potentially irreversible. Part of me hopes he dies in his sleep. Another part of me hopes he goes to prison and suffers. He deserves to suffer, but at the same time, he doesn't deserve to be alive.

It's been a few days since then and Sasuke has been incredibly quiet. We've been skipping school. Mikoto and Fugaku are frantic. So are my parents. Nonetheless, we aren't in trouble. All I did was throw some punches. Itachi was the one who delivered the stab wound. The cops are calling it defense. I was trying to save my boyfriend and Itachi was trying to save his brother. Itachi was put under house arrest, though... since his crime was a bit more violent than mine was. I feel a bit bad for him, to be honest. He was just getting back into the swing of things. He's been going out. He's been doing normal things... and now he's forced to stay inside. Nonetheless, Kisame is there to keep him company. They were both very composed when the cops were questioning us. I thought Itachi would've been angry and loud, but he was calm and collected.

"Hey," I murmur.

"Hm?" Sasuke asks, looking over at me.

We're seated in his living room. The TV is on, but we aren't watching it. It's tense and I think he can feel it, too. Our moms are in the other room. Mikoto has been crying a lot lately. Like Kisame, she's taking a leave of absence from work so she can be with her sons. My mom has been here to offer support. I think they're both worried, though I wish they'd allow themselves a moment of peace. That sick pervert is in the hospital. He's not even conscious and if he does wake, he's going to be locked up. Either way, he's gone. He can't hurt Sasuke anymore.

"So... what are you thinking about?" I ask. "You haven't been saying much, but I know your mind is always wandering."

He smiles albeit sadly. "I'm thinking... that you need someone who will make you happier than I would," he says, "but I'm selfish and I don't want to let you go."

"I don't care what I need," I tell him sincerely. "I want you and you want me back, so it works. Stop worrying, okay? I'm not going to leave, even if you let me. I'll always be where you can reach me. You're not going to scare me off. If you were capable of it, it would've happened a long time ago. Trust me. For fuck's sake, I love you."

He lets out a shuddery sigh.

"Okay?" I ask.

He nods slowly. "Okay."


Later in the day as we're all sitting in the living room, Itachi makes his way down the stairs and we all try not to stare at him. "I'm not sorry," he says out of the blue. He sits down next to his mom and she gives him a reassuring smile, touching his cheek.

"Me neither," she says after a moment's pause.

He's violent, but this time I think it worked in everyone's favor.


As night approaches, Sasuke drags me out of the house and to the nearest bus stop. I ask him where we're going, but he dismisses me and checks his phone. I don't ask again until we're on the bus. We take seats near the back and I question him once more. "Sasuke... where are we going?"

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