Chapter 5

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"Why did the mission fail! " The director of SkyCorp yelled as Me, Ruby, Red and Kai flinched.

A voice said. " Sir! Calm down! They are only 5 years old! " Carol was already ticked off but seeing the director direct his anger towards us made it worse.
" Oh? Then can you explain why this happen? " The director Cockily said. That guy is too cocky for his own good.

It's about time someone replace this person. After all, he only got this position as a fake. Not that he knows, the real director is somewhere else.

" We don't know! " Kai slammed the table. It was rare, seeing Kai lose his composure.

" But... I think there is a traitor. " Kai said as sweat dripped down his head.
" Of course there is. How else would we, Chanceless, the group with a 100 percent success rate fail a mission as simple as this. " Red growled.

" Who?! "

" I think " I said," I think it might be our very own spy. "
" That brat. " The director growled.
" Operation 270 is a go.  Chanceless and Lullaby shall take over this mission from Alpha. "

I grinned, everything is going according to the plot.
Myself, Kai, Ruby and Red are member of Chanceless is finally working together with Lullaby which consist of Carol, my father Ruin and Lost.

" Let's attack WOF headquarters. " Daddy grin.

A/n: Incase you forget who are the characters are, i wrote it down in bold.
Nobody pov

" Since I betrayed them, they will come after me now. I will have to leave WOF so that they - " Jun kneeled down in front of Ciel.
Jun : Best fighter in WOF, silent and mysterious to most.
Addition info:  ExSpy from Skycorp

Ciel: Runaway Son of the head of Skycorp.

"- No!. .. Jun you and Ciel rescued me from that place, you can't leave!" Eve cried out.

Eve : Heroine of the otome game

"She is right. Don't worry, let them come. Let skycorp come and taste WOF strength. We will protect our family. " Jade grinned.

Jade: Cocky second son of the head of WOF.
" Its not that simple Jade. " A laptop was slam shut. " Father... "

Eugene Zero, father of Jade and Air, Head of WOF.

Eugene walked towards Jun and place a hand on Jun's shoulder." Usually I would have said, We will protect you but in return, you have to tell us everything. But knowing Skycorp, they place a curse on all their members to prevent them from spilling their secrets. So tell us the ones that you can tell. "

Jun hesitated for a while before opening his mouth.
" You might look down on Skycorp. But in fact they are very strong. Just one of their member can already eradicate the entries WOF. But he didn't. Skycorp is only playing with you. "

" Hey? Your joking right? " Lumiere gulped.

Prince lumiere, son of the king who is sponsoring WOF.

" Since what I am about to say is common knowledge to every Skycorp member, the curse place by one of the members wouldn't activate. 

The top two assassination group in Skycorp is Lullaby and Chanceless.

Lullaby consist of Carol, Ruin and Lost. It is unknown as to what their ability is but they are known to be very protective of Chanceless, expecially, Princess.

Chanceless consist of Ruin precious daughter, who is known as princess. Ruby and Red,the bloody twins. Kai, who is known as 5thPrince for being Ciels younger brother and youngest son of the head of Skycorp. Chanceless is known to be a under 7 years old group with unknown strength. "

" So? Who should we be careful of the most?" Jade ask.

"You should be careful of Ruin and his daughter. Ruin have a daughter complex and princess have a father complex. They love each other very much and have killed dozens. They are also known to be very strong with strong abilities . Both of them have a lot of people who love them too so killing either of them is a bad idea. "

" Great . Just great. " Jade rolled his eye.

" Princess... What is her name? " Air quietly asked.

Air: First son of Eugene hunter. Our MC son in her previous life.

" That.... Nobody knows. " Jun grimace.

" Why? Interested in her? " Jade asked.

" None of your business. " Air tched.

Jade shouted, " Why you! "

" Enough. " Eugene interrupted.

" I didn't need you to interrupt, Eugene. " Air emptily said.

" You don't have to be so rude. He is your father!" Eve, the heroine said .

"None of your business. "

" Oi! That is enough! " Lumiere interrupted.

" Whatever.. " Air mumbled before opening the door and exiting the room.

" What's with him? It's been four years yet he still acts like that. " Eve said.

" That... I Hate to agree with him but it is none of your business. "Jade said.

"!" Eve was about to say something before Lumiere interrupted her by placing a hand over her mouth.

Air who was leaning outside the door walked away.

" Mama... " He mumbled.

Extra ~

" Hey! I just realise something!" Lumiere said.
"What? " Ciel asked.
" This is the first time Jun talked this much. "

"True. " Jade agreed

" Hey Jun why don't you ever -Hey he disappeared! "

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