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If you don't like male dominance do not read this book. Also, don't assume the girl is weak for being a submissive. Do your research on BDSM before leaving derogatory comments. Books that promote rape and mistreatment of women are not real demonstrations of a dominant and submissive relationship and are more towards abuse.


"I am an escort, not a prostitute!" She smacked his hand away from where it was placed on her upper thigh.

He smirked, he loved the way her eyes widened and her mouth parted every time he grazed her skin. He enjoyed teasing her, to see how far he could tempt her before she gave in. So far, she had been the most unwilling woman he had met, making him want her even more. "I know what you are, gattino."

"I do not fuck my clients!" She flustered as she snatched her handbag from the side of her chair with trembling hands before abruptly standing, giving him another view of her tight body.

"My time with you ended an hour ago, you're here by your own will. And, I am not paying you," he stated calmly as she stilled. A blush rising along her cheeks. He knew one way or another he'd make her his new sub, and he would cherish the ground she walked on.


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Before we start we obviously have house rules:

1 | You will wear no clothes in the house unless they are sexy

2 | The correct response to most things is, "Yes, Sir."

3 | When spanked for being naughty, count.

4 | Never be ashamed of getting wet

5 | Always say please and thank you

6 | The proper position is on your knees

7 | Ask for permission before you cum

8 | Remember who you belong to

9 | Swallow every single drop

10 | Wear your bruises with pride

11 | Worship the cock

12 | Beg for it 

13 | Earn your reward

14 | Do as master says

15 | Your ass is mine

16 | Make master proud

17 | Collar at all times

18 | Bare your soul to me

19 | Never stifle your moans

20 | Eyes down, chin up

21 | Master is always right

22 | It won't stop until I say so

23 | You will be patient

24 | Be pleasing, always

25 | You shall serve no other master but me

26 | When spanked say, "thank you sir, may I have another?"

27 | When I am home, you will be naked

28 | I will teach you everything you need to know

29 | You will not wear panties on Sundays

30 | Give yourself, freely

31 | Absolute obedience will be awarded

32 | Accept your punishment like a good girl

33 | You shall have no privacy

34 | I shall choose what clothes you wear

35 | There is aftercare

36 | You shall fulfill my every fantasy

37 | Wear your collar with pride and honor 

38 | You will be spanked to tears

39 | You shall kneel before me, naked and unashamed

40 | You shall be available 24 hours a day to serve your master

41 | Do not question, hear and obey

42 | You shall fulfill my darkest desire

43 | Talk dirty to master

44 | Listen and obey is the only way

| Some of these may not be in the book |

I have never wrote an in-depth BDSM book before so feel free to give tips. Also, there will be no force and 100% consent.

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