part 7

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"My girlfriends in labor,please get her a doctor "

( hours later)


Ember Marie Johnson

5 pounds 2 ounces

Ean Max Jonhson

( ian)

7 pounds 4 ounces

I was so happy that i had the twins.

(at home)

"Come on stop crying Ember". Weve been home for 6 days and Ember is the most spoiled little girl ever.She only stops crying for Andrew. "Babe which sweater?",Andrew asked getting ready for work. (a/n:yes the twins are premies they dont seem like it) "i dont know " , i said making a bottle for Ean and giving it to him. "ok im ready, bye my lovely family." Andrew said kissing the twins making them laugh and start hitting the air and slobbing. "bye babe " ,i said kissing his lips and fixing the tie i bought him last time we went shopping ,around the time the twins were devloped.

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