Fabricio 82

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After my Uncle Maximus kicked Rondell out we all sat around the table awkwardly, Federico was pissed about Rondell having to leave so he just sat there picking at his food which was fine with me because I didn't want to here him talk anyways. Roseline seemed nice enough though he told us how she had been living in Spain for over a decade but she was missing Texas so she moved back and met my uncle and they instantly fell in love. Honestly it was kinda uncomfortable watch my uncle and Roseline make out.... after we tried forcing conversation the sexual tension between Uncle Maximus and Roseline reached critical mass and they disappeared upstairs. I got up because I didn't want to be around Federico and walked out to the front porch; across the street Darion was cutting the grass while Odion washed both their dads cars. Even from this distance I could see Darion mumbling to himself clearly pissed that he had to cut the grass... I decided to lift his spirits a little bit so I walked to the mail box and pretended to look inside, then accidentally dropping the junk mail we never took out and I knew Darion was watching because the lawnmower went silent. Before I knew it I had a had dick pressing against my ass......

"It's Sunday Red..... the mailman don't run on Sunday, so I know what you're doing and as you can feel it's working...... but I think I'm going to make you suffer a little bit, that little stunt you pulled last night had my shyt rock hard and I don't appreciate you making me feel that way......" Darion said still standing behind me, I tried to stand upright but he put his arm on my back keeping me bent over. "I just wanna hate fuck you, right now..... like choke the shyt out of you while going balls deep." He said and I began rubbing my ass against his dick.

"Quit talking about it and......."

"DARION BRING YOUR BLACK ASS BACK OVER HERE SO WE CAN GET DONE, I'M NOT TRYING TO BE OUT HERE ALL DAY........" Odion yelled and Darion sucked his teeth before letting me go, I turned to face him and even when he wasn't dressed up he was still sexy as fuck.

"Our dads are still pissed about what happened last night, they said we should've called and let them know we were alright so now they got me and Odi doing manual labor..... but we got a plan so in a couple hours I'll be able to........ yo who is that?" Darion asked and I didn't have to guess he was talking about Roseline because I had the same reaction.

"Fabricio right? Your uncle wants you to run to the store and grab a couple things for dinner, I'm going to cook for you guys later and...... well aren't you the cutest thing." Roseline said looking at Darion who stared blushing..... why was I just now noticing the dimple in his right cheek and I thought her and my uncle were about to fuck so why is she out here with us?

"Thank you... I'm Darion, Red's..... I mean Fabricio's boyfriend." Darion said and I rolled my eyes because this dude went from Freaky Smurf to Bashful Smurf in a matter of seconds.

"Wassup beautiful.... I'm Darion's twin brother Odion." Odion said popping up outta nowhere, Roseline froze and for a fleeting second she looked at Odion as if she knew him but then quickly shook it off. "I know I'm gorgeous......" Odion said smiling.

"I'm sorry handsome you just remind me of someone from my past.... your eyes are haunting. But Fabricio why don't you invite your boyfriend over for dinner later I'm making Pot Roast." Roseline said smiling warmly she nodded to Darion and Odion before strutting back in the house.

"My Uncle Maximus's new wife..... we just found out this morning." I said turning as the door opened and Federico walked out, I knew he was coming over here to be messy so I grabbed Darion by his shirt and started kissing him passionately. Darion's hand found there way to my ass and a few seconds later I heard the front door slamming shut, then I pulled away and Darion stood there trying to catch his breath.

"So umm..... yeah I wanted to invite you over to Xavier's later for a..... hmm it's not really a double date since Maseo will be there but let's just call it high lunch. 2 o'clock be ready come on Romeo....." Odion said pulling Darion away. I walked back inside and my uncle and Roseline were sitting on the stairs kissing, I started to tell him to put a shirt on but I wasn't a hater.

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