= Chapter 9 =

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"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth."

-Jeremy Lockhart


I tip toed up the stairs to my room, hoping that my mum wouldn't realize I'm home. I smiled in accomplishment when I reached the door of my room but my hopes were shortlifted.

I heard someone clearing their throat and as I looked down the flight of stairs, there she stood with arms crossed.

I should start digging my grave six-feet underground.

"Skylar, you're home."


"I got a call from someone today, anything you want to explain?" She raised an eyebrow.

Just bullshit a whole damn story now!!

My inner thoughts kept screaming at me, I really had no choice but to agree.

"I skipped school today...because I got a call from the ice cream parlor that I got the job...and...I had to rush over to sign all the documents. The job is really important, mum. That's why I did what I did." I smiled sweetly, hoping that she would buy my story.

"And where are those documents?"

"That's the thing...I was just about to get them!!" I replied almost too quickly before dashing out of house.

How the hell am I going to get all the job documents when I don't even have a job?

Grabbing my skateboard, I skated towards the ice cream parlor while wrecking my brain for a solution.

The Ice cream parlor seem to be packed like a can of sardines, Willow must be really busy.

I held my skateboard in one hand as I walked in, my eyes scanned for a familiar strawberry blonde girl.

"Willow!!" I made my way to the cashier.

"Thank you for coming, hope you have a great–SKYLAR!!" She squealed in happiness in the midst of talking to a customer. I gave her a side hug before rambling my situation.

"So I need a job or the job documents...now.." I asked desperately.

"I don't think it's possible but maybe my boss can help you, just go through that door at the back—his office is in there." She directed me before attending to the customers again.

I went through the door and found a chubby man and a boy around my age discussing something. I cleared my throat to get their attention and both pairs of eyes immediately flew onto me.

"Sorry to disturb, but I would like to speak to the manager of this ice cream parlor." I asked polietly.

"That would be me." The young boy stepped forward, flashing me a million dollar smile.

"Shut up Cole." The chubby man hit Cole from the back of his head in a playful way.

Cole chuckled while running his fingers through his silky blonde hair, a dimples smile plastered on his face.

"How may I help you Ms..?"

"Just call me Skylar. I need a job urgently, most preferably by today. I actually came over yesterday and told Willow about this..."

"Oh so you must be Skylar Torres, Willow told me a lot about you. I'm Mr Stevens and that young man over there is my nephew, Cole.  Well, I don't normally do this but follow me.." He led me back to the cashier, Cole followed us too.

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