Night Goddess

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I'm a goddess of the night.
I rule, thoughts are company.
My ideas, are the enemies.
I try to rest but can't.
I guard a dark kingdom.
Eyes pierce through the night.
Moon, my spy and messanger.
He sees much but tells little.
Messages I send he can't deliver.
Only those who know me, receive.
This leaves my enemies clueless.

I create many battle plans.
I fight long, endless hours.
Sometimes making progress.
Sometimes failing, pulling back.
I build fortress, barricades, wall.
Fighting or flying, this is home.
To let someone in, makes a crack.
If traitor my trust is gone.
If spy my secretes hung.
An army would destroy me.
A ruler would surely claim it all.

Everything around is silent.
I hold my breath to listen.
I don't hear anything.
My mind races though.
My heart is all but steady.
Eyes closed, memories dance.
I try to slow and steady myself.
Everything spining faster.
Time slows and drags on.
It is early morning, still dark.
The dim stars fading away.

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