(5) Broken Angel

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I ran over to Grace and examined the damage done to her.

Her breathing was so faint that I was sure she could die any minute. The stab wounds were deep and would take a long time to heal. There was blood everywhere. Her eyes were rolled back into her head. The sight was horrific and I almost felt like crying, seeing her in such a bad state.

I knew I had to save her. I carefully wrapped the sheet around her naked body and held her tight to my chest. I grabbed her fiancee's arm and roughly pulled him up.

I had not wanted her to see me murder him but it was really the only way and now I had to discard of the evidence.

I linked my mind with another angel close by and briefly explained the situation and asked them to clear up the blood for me. Once that was all sorted, I let my wings unfold and I took off through the open window.

Grace stirred a little from her unconscious state. "Please don't hurt me, please." She begged. She was having a nightmare.

I kissed the top of her head. "Shh, don't worry now Grace, I'm going to make it all better."

I flew through the clouds. It was a stormy night so I had to be careful of the lightning but once I was above the clouds I knew I was safe.

Up here in heaven, things weren't totally dissimilar from earth only everything was much nicer. It was like some gigantic garden. The grass was always green, no matter what side you were on. The sky was always clear and blue and the temperature was perfect for every individual, like it adapted to them. We didn't have buildings and obviously because we were angels, there was no evil here. Everything was beautiful and pure.

I went to some of the other angels and explained again what had happened then asked them to dispose of the body for me. I knew the soul had already gone to hell.

I then linked my mind with my grandfather's mind. He was the archangel in heaven and because my dad was still healthy and living, as were my brothers, I was the next in command. It was good because I got to visit earth a lot and save people which I loved doing. It also meant that the other angels were obliged to help me if I needed it which was really important in times like these.

Angels stopped to speak to me but I didn't have any time. I blocked it out and flew straight to the waterfall.

When I arrived, I laid Grace on the grass and removed the sheet. I listened to her heartbeat but it was gone.

Panicking, I stood up and shouted for the archangel to come. In around 3 minutes he arrived. I bowed down in front of him and greeted him.

"Sorry it took so long, had a great deal of trouble saving lives in a flood in Russia." He peered behind me and looked at Grace. "Ah this must be Grace, the angel saver." He smiled gently.

I nodded. "Please, we have to save her." I begged.

He continued to smile and walked slowly towards her. I nearly screamed. What was he doing? She was knocking on heavens door!

"Angelo, grab the sheet and dip it under the holy waterfall." I ran over with the sheet and ran it under the waterfall till it was soaking wet. I brought it back to him and held it out to him. "Arcanxo" I called to him.

He shook his head "No, my boy, you must heal her. She can only be healed by your touch now. I can do the prayer."

I looked at him shocked. I thought he could heal anyone. I didn't waste time though and I grabbed the sheet and gently dabbed it on her wounds, starting with the worst which was her on her stomach where she had been stabbed.

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