Chapter 2 - Roommate

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I wake up in a daze, half my clothes are gone and one of my socks are missing. I was in a bedroom that I wasn't familiar with. I flipped over onto my stomach and hung off the side of the bed. BLEH. I threw up. I rubbed my head out in pain and tried to sit up. My head was spinning. I pulled my legs over to the side of the bed and stood up. I hung onto the wall, trying to keep up.

I opened the door to find people laying all over the floor. There were a couple people laying on the couch and one on the table. One of my good friends passed by me as I walked towards the kitchen.

"Wild party last night, eh?" He coughed, sipping something out of a red cup.

I walked over to the fridge and pulled out some orange juice. I got a cup and poured the liquid. "Right. I don't remember much." I sipped on the juice. I made groaning sounds and tried to sooth my headache.

"Well, you were definitely having a good time." He smirked at me and sat on the counter.

I turned my head a snarled at him. "What."

He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. "You were with someone last night." He paused. "Maybe it was your girlfriend? I could hear you through the walls. "

I stared at him like a deer struck in headlights. Oh no, what did I do...? I know I wasn't with Emily last night because she was out of town. I start freaking out and pull my hair. What did I do last night.. and with who?


I entered the classroom a little earlier than class started and walked to the back of the classroom and chose a spot in the corner. There was hardly anyone in the room and it was super quiet. There was a couple of girls that sat in front of me and a boy down a couple seats in their row. Some time passed by and more seats filled up. A tall girl with strawberry blonde hair sat two seats down next to me.

I pulled out one of my textbooks and started reading to get ahead of She pulled out some books and turned towards me. "Do you have a pen?" She asked quietly.

I reached down to my bag and pulled out a couple pens, letting her pick which color she wanted. When she finished, I put the rest of them back in my bag and continued to read my book.

A couple minutes passed by and kids started to flood in, filling all the spots in the class except the one next to me. I wondered why no one was sitting next to me, did I smell? I slowly stretched my arms, seeing if I smelled. I pouted, I don't smell bad..

The teacher entered the classroom and started roll call. People called out when their name was called.

"Louis." The teacher continued down the list. "Here." I raised my hand and we held eye contact.

"Emily." The teacher said. The strawberry blonde girl that was sitting next to me, raised her arm and said "Here." So that's what her name was. Emily.

After the teacher ended roll call, he asked for us to get our text books out and began teaching a lecture about english literature. He was talking about some famous people and how they wrote.

I twirled my pen around and around. I tried to pay attention but couldn't focus that well. His lecture was boring, man, it's only the first class of the semester and it's already this boring. What am I going to do for the rest of the year? I sighed loudly. Emily, the girl next to me, snapped her head at me and gave me the evil eye. She shushed me.

I scoffed, seriously?

I began paying attention again because Emily turned out to be a goodie-two-shoes type of person.

Half the class passed by and I heard a knock at the door and turned my head to look at it. The professor opened the door and looked very stern. He started lecturing the person at the door. The whole class was watching. The person at the door apologized and walked in the room.

It was a tall boy, wearing a black hoodie and some cut jeans. Honestly, he was very handsome. He looked around the class, eyeing every isle.

Emily, jolts up and waves at the mysterious boy at the front of the room. He sees her and runs up the stairs to the back of the class. He slides behind her and sits right next to me. Emily kisses his cheek and starts talking to him. I overheard him say something like "I overslept" and "Sorry babe."

He turns towards me and freezes. I could see his face clearly, brown hair, a sharp nose and those beautiful blue eyes. We make eye contact for a bit. I feel like I've seen him before. I turn my head back to the class and feel something on my neck.

The boy that is sitting next to me, raised his arm and placed his hand on my neck. He used his fingers and pressed down on a very sensitive mark.

Emily looked at him and gasped. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" She whispered-screamed. With sudden realization, his face turned to shock and he lifted his hand off my neck. "Sorry, you have a hickey." He put his hands in his lap and twiddled his thumbs, awkwardly.

I rubbed my neck and scooted over as far as I could from him. What a weird person. I could sense that he felt very awkward next to me.

At the end of the class, the guy sitting next to me stood straight up and tried to exit the room as fast as possible. Emily, yelled out "Sage! Don't leave me!"

Sage.. Sage.. Sage! My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. Don't tell me... that's Sage? My roommate!


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