Prince:Stop eating all my food.! Damn,go to Hometown Buffet or something.

Keanna:You know, that won't be a bad idea. We should all go tommorow.

Emerald:All of us aren't gone be able to fit in ONE booth.

Maya:Your a dumb ass. We could seperate by couple or girls in one and boys in the other.

Prod:Are we going!?

Ray:What you think you dumb shit!?

Prod:-___-..........Shut up.

Maya:Ooo..i can't wait. All of them fried chicken!!!!!! Omg (crosses fingers and looks up in the sky) Pleaaassseeeeee let it hurry up and be tommorow.

Roc:OMG! Your so full of it.

Maya:shut up.

Prince:(playfully tackles Maya to the ground and is on top of her whispering in her ear) Babe?

Maya:(mumbling) What?!

Prince:Stop thinking about food.

Maya:(smiles) I can't help it!! It's in my blood.

Kortni:(laughs) What? Food! Ooo we know that!

Maya: (looks at Kortni) Shut the fuck up. (looks at Prince) Can you get the hell off me!?



Prince:Your faking. But since I'm tired of being on the floor....I'll get off. (gets off her and sits on the couch)

Maya:(still on the floor) The world revolves around you now?? (going in the kitchen to get some juice to drink)

Prince:Hell yeah fucking right.

Kortni:Do you love this shit? A-

Keanna:Are you high right now!?

Maya:Do you ever get nervous!?

Emerald:Are you single?

Roc:I heard you fuck yo girl is it true--

Prince:You gettin money, you think them niggas is with you?

Everyone:And I say hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah fuckin right fuckin right.....

*Next Morning*

(All the girls are awake and are in the livingroom watching TV)

Emerald:(sighs) I fuckin hate waking up in the morning.

*5 minutes later*

(Emerald falls asleep)

Keanna:(yawns) I need to be energized for HomeTown Buffet. We need to do something to wake us up. Look at Maya.

Maya:(dozing off then keep waking up) Huuh?!

Kortni:(laughs as all the boys come in with only boxers) Ooo damn.


Maya:What!? (looks at the boys)Oh my fucking gosh! (rolls eyes)

Prod:(goes over to Keanna) Goodmorning babe. (kisses her)

Keanna:(blushes and smiles)

Kortni:I don't understand why you blushing over some simple shit.

Ray:(rolls eyes) Shut up. (laughs and kisses her)

Maya:(dozing off)

Prince:Don't go to sleep. We gotta go to Hometown Buffet.

Maya:Oh shit! I forgot. (goes in their room and gets dressed)

Roc:Emerald!!! (gets in her face) Baby.....wake up!

Emerald:(still sleep)

Roc:(starts kissing her on her neck) Emerald....wake up.

Emerald:(wakes up) Huh??

Roc:Get up.

Kortni:It's funny how we was up and now y'all telling us too get up.

Prod:(rolls eyes)

*An hour later*

Roc:Ok come on. I'm hungry.

Maya:Me 2! Damn! Next time let's go for lunch or dinner..k?

Prince:(mocking her)The world don't revolve around you.....remember!?

Maya:(hits him upside the head while laughing) Shut up.

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