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I sat here, in my studio, looking around myself at all the paintings that I've painted. It was just yesterday morning that we came back to New York and shifted to our new home.

I had no idea that Aaron has bought this bungalow, which is even bigger than what we can call a bungalow, while we were in Bahamas. When I had asked him, what was the need to buy such a big mansion for just the two of us, he replied "we'll have kids" with a straight face.

I was overjoyed when he showed the studio that he got made for me inside the house. It has numerous windows that gives a beautiful view of the garden and the setting sun in the evening. We had collected all the paintings that I made in Bahamas and had brought them with us and decorated the studio with them, hanging the one, with mom smiling, on the center of the wall.

Thought we had to get back here a little earlier than what was planned because of Aaron's company issues but still, all the time spent with him there, was memorable.

We went to the main island a couple of time for shopping or touring around the place. Aaron even taught me how to surf. It was scary when I used to fall off the board and into the ocean water, I even lost hope and thought I'll never be able to surf but Aaron was determinant and he taught me. Now I can proudly say that I can surf very well.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the ringing of my phone. Picking up the phone, I smiled seeing the caller id and quickly answered it.

"Already forgot me?" Nadia said cheerfully from the other end.

"Seriously Nadia? I called you yesterday and you didn't answer" I complained.

"What about the time when I used to call you and all I got in return was a machine saying the person is out of reach!" She shouted and I had to move my phone away from my ear so that she doesn't destroy my eardrum. God! Nadia and her mood swings!

"That is because there wasn't any network on the island. I called you a couple of times when we used to go to the main island and you didn't answer" I replied. I used to try to call her because I didn't want her to feel lonely in California. She doesn't have anyone to take care of her, and though I know she is capable of taking care of herself, I still can't help the friend in me that wishes for her well-being.

"I can't answer my phone in the office hours. You know Mr. Johnson, the company owner, after he had to sell the building in New York, he has gone crazy. He has turned into a dictator, a type of dictator who is a complete idiot. I feel like cracking his bald head and check if he has a brain inside his skull or not" she spoke. I could feel the anger in her voice but then that is usual for me now, this is how she behaves when she doesn't like someone.

Oh wait, she either like people too much or just hates them, there's no in between.

"What did he do?" I sighed.

"He gave me a task to do, I spent the whole night working on it and the next morning when I presented it to him, he said he did a mistake the day before and gave me the wrong work. Believe me Caro, if this job wasn't important for me I would have resigned a long time back" the anger in her voice was now replaced by fatigue. I wish I was with her to cheer her up like all the time she used to do when I was sad.

"Okay leave that, tell me how is everything going on in California?" I asked trying to divert her mind from the bald head Mr. Johnson's topic.

"Good. I used to miss my old apartment but now everything is settled here. And yes, I do miss you and the jerk family here. I agree they are complete asses but it was fun talking to them". We both laughed at that.

Well, 'talking' is definitely not right word to use here.

We laughed and talked for some more time after which Nadia suddenly remembered some work and had to end the call.

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