You see how I just kind of started and concluded her whole explanation, with just a little talking and some summarizing? You can blend the two methods together with actions (either hers or Toms) and emotions (embarrassment, sadness, comfort, etc.).

d) Also, if you choose to ramble on, I suggest breaking it up into several paragraphs separated by perhaps the other person interrupting (or a third party), some movement, or emotions, anything really to break up long segments of dialogue.


Penelopepig156 asked:
I admit, my first Wattpad story has the most reads. It's about One Direction because my friend says that if you write a book about them, the crazy obsessed fans will read it. But it has poor description and is my worst. So, I started writing stories on Wattpad and don't publish them till the end so it doesn't feel forced.
Can you give me a tip for carrying on with a book? In my daydreaming sessions I get so many ideas, and I write a great beginning but the story trails off and I don't feel the same as I did in the beginning.  (Summarized)

SunKissedSky answered:
I can relate to you. Some of my stories I wrote when I was younger turned out much better than some I started a month ago. Does this mean all the stories I wrote back then were brilliant? No way. It also doesn't mean that everything I write now is bad. Sometimes, though, certain ideas turn out better than others and we have to accept that, even if the better idea was one we wrote when we were eight. If you aren't writing this fanfiction because you WANT to, but because you want readers, then it's no wonder you're hating how it's turning out. I've only tried once to write a fanfiction, and I gave up a page in because I just couldn't do it. My strongest point in all my projects have always been my characters I created. But fanfiction hands you the characters, so without unqiue, individual characters, what else is so original about mine? Fanfiction is a good place for beginners, until they're ready to move on. However, it's also hard to get back to once you've been writing a while. You're probably used to creating your own characters, settings, personalities, etc., so then to have it handed to you? The only thing you can do is have an insanely original plot, which, let's face it, is a difficult thing to figure out since everything has been used.
I know exactly what you mean about having great ideas, writing a few pages, then sizzling out. I have struggled with this for years. It especially stinks if you're enthusiastic about the idea.
I've actually found a method that helps me, at least. Every time I come up with an idea, I type it up in my Word document labeled "ideas." Even if it's just a small fraction of an idea, like "MC doesn't know guy is her brother." That's certainly not enough for an entire book, but I put it in anyway. Then, when I get an incredible, huge idea that is definitely enough for a book, I search through my "ideas" document and pick out 5-10 more ideas to add to make the plot even more intense and exciting to write. Does this make sense?
The problem with starting a story off of one single idea is that it often doesn't contain enough plot to sustain a whole story. So I usually tend to outline. (I have a chapter about my process, if you're curious.)
If it's motivation you're asking about...just know that you're not alone. Noooo way. Every single writer in all of time has struggled with motivation throughout their story. But if you're tired and stuck in your story after one chapter? Maybe it's not something you're passionate about. Like the One Direction book. It doesn't sound like you're too thrilled about it, but are just writing it for reads.
It's hard to really feel the same in the middle of the story as you would at the beginning... sometimes, what I do, if I'm feeling bored in the middle of the story, I'll go back to my "ideas" project and pick something out to add a twist to my story. That way, I'm inserting a new, fresh idea that I can be excited about like I was about the idea I started the story with.

Penelopepig156 also asked:
I like to make up characters and have a lot of fun making them up, do you think I should make a word document for them as well?

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