Chapter 15- Hope

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He was standing on Half-Blood Hill. It was a shame. They were picking the strawberries with no expressionon on their faces. They were doing labor work like worthless slaves. He didn't see anybody using their power or strength. It was just a shame.

Where the lava mountain used to be stood nothing. Just rocks and gravel sitting there with no purpose. The atmosphere was changed.

He looked around a little longer, searching for familiar faces. People were mainly inside their cabins, no one noticed him yet. He decided to change that. Well. . .He was planning on it until something changed his plans.

A bright light flashed and all averted their eyes. As it died down, Hera stood before them.

Everyone walked up to her, and surprisingly, it was everyone. There were so little campers, he assumed they were in their cabins. Only about 30 were there. The last ones to show were Annabeth, Clarisse, Jason, and Piper. As scared as he was, he couldn't help but be happy some of his friends were still alive. He has to show there was still hope for them.

"Now, everyone, as you know, is required to give a portion of anything you have, in order to survive. Now, on with it." Hera said. She didn't even seem to care. This must have been a normal routine now.

Percy's eyes turned bloodshot red with rage. They've been dealing with this for five years?! No... I'm going to kill them. All of the GODS! He thought.

She called Annabeth first. Annabeth went up to her, kneeling. Her legs were shaking, and her hands trembled. "Milady, I... Here." Annabeth handed Hera her Yankees baseball cap. Hera stared at it.

"That's it?! YOU'LL PERISH!" Hera yelled. She brought down her hand onto Annabeth and she fell, crying on the floor.

Percy stared in shock. He couldn't move. His feet were stuck to the ground. The Annabeth he knew wouldn't deal with this, she would've fought back, not cry.

There was no holding him back now.

A light red aura engulfed Hera. Before she was about to strike, Percy stood before her. She was so shocked the aura left her.

"Who're you?! Get out of here before I kill you too!" Hera threatened.

"Just try." Percy remarked.

He was pissed. A green aura surrounded him, mixed with black waves. He did get Hades' blessing after all. It was a really frightening sight.

"I'll be back."

With a last light encounter, Hera was gone. The whole camp was quiet. They were too scared to speak. Annabeth, still on the floor, got up. She went back behind the group, afraid of the threat.

The group made way for a certain centaur.

"Long time no see, hero." Chiron said.

"Same to you, Chiron," Percy replied.

"Who are you?!" Clarisse spoke up.

"You can call me, Hope." Percy said. "You guys certainly need some. You guys can trust me. I'm an ally."

"Let's have a meeting. All head counselors, report to the Big House. All others, do your regular routines." Chiron announced.

Chiron was so experienced, Percy could tell he already knew who it was. Hades must have told Chiron about the plan of bringing him back from the dead.

In the Big House, only a few were present. Well, that Percy knew of course. He only recognized Jason, Clarisse, Piper, Annabeth, and the Stolls. The rest were new.

"So, mind filling me in?" Percy asked.

"Ohhhh. So he doesn't know everything. Some Hope." Clarisse remarked.

"I know enough." Percy retorted.

There a was a long silence. Clarisse backed off. The wide shoulders and the physique of him was enough to show his power. His head was held high and he sat up straight. He moved elegantly. It showed how much strength he possessed.

Percy looked over to Jason to see him eyeing him up and down, trying to place him.

"Anyways," Chiron broke the tension. "Let's get down to business. The gods have us in a sort of prison like situation. Each month, Hera comes down, reporting something valuable from a random chosen person, and if it doesn't suit her satisfaction, a life is taken. Last time, 2 lives were. Leo Valdez gave her a machine to show the person who holds it, their past. All of it. She was satisfied, but too much. She planned on taking him to Olympus so he could make things by her command, any time. Kind of like a toy. Calypso, in shock, attacked Hera before she took off with Valdez. And in the moment, Calypso's life was taken. Leo, too, attacked Hera, having his life taken as well."

No one spoke, having a mini moment of silence.

"Leo... I thought he..." Percy started. No, he couldn't understand. He thought Leo was already dead? During the battle with Gaea he died. And how did he get Calypso off of the island? There were too many questions. But he couldn't even ask them, they would know who he was.

"And you guys are still not fighting back?! They're ruling worse than the Titans would! We have to come up with a plan." Percy suggested.

"It's no use. They're gods. Listen Hope, we can't win." Annabeth spoke for the first time to him.

He looked her in the eyes. She looked a little older, but not much. She had bags under her red eyes and looked really tired. She was in really bad shape.

"Yeah we can't win. Not if you think like that. Not if you don't have Hope."


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