“Zayn! Are you almost ready yet? We have to leave in five minutes!!”  Yelled Liam.

                “I’m coming. I’m coming!”  Zayn screamed back as he jogged down the stairs. “Where’s the fire?  I had five minutes!”

                Niall, Liam and Louis had already been standing at the door for the last ten minutes waiting for the other two boys.  Harry was in the kitchen getting his shoes on, and Zayn was now running around trying to find his.  It was a regular occurrence fort the pair to be running late.  It was one of the many reasons for the other boys to get them ready early to make it on time.  Management had called last night calling for a meeting first thing in the morning on the other side of London.  The meeting was met with as always excitement, curiousity, and worry about what it could have been about.  The last time a meeting was called the five were in big trouble for a prank Louis had pulled.  All of them had some idea of what was going on but none of them were anywhere close to the truth.

                “You know that if we are late again Management is going to kick our butts, not to mention what Uncle Simon would do us.”  Niall called out to the boys in the kitchen, “I’m going out to wait in the car.”  He pulled open the door and stepped out into the foggy London morning.  The news had said that it was supposed to be a warm day for the time of year, but the chill of the breeze went right through every layer of clothing.   Autumn is never a pleasant time of year in the UK.  Niall was looking forward to their American tour that Spring.  It would be his first time going over to the United States, and he couldn’t wait.   Getting into the back seat of Louis’ van Niall rested his head against the window.  He closed his eyes and started to ponder what it was that management needed them for.

                It wasn’t long before Niall looked up to see Liam dragging Zayn down the pathway to the road, and Louis tugging Harry along beside him.  Niall laughed at the sight of his mates goofing off.  Liam let Zayn go only once he had the door open to the van, not wanting to upset Liam, Zayn hopped into the back to sit beside Niall.  Liam Sat down beside Zayn and slid the door shut blocking out the cool breeze.  Louis ran around to the other side of his van and bounded onto the seat, bouncing a few times before coming to a stop.  While everyone was watching Louis’ antics Harry had snuck around the back of the car to the door by Niall’s head.   He sneakily crouched down beneath the window and yanked the door open.  Niall’s head dropped off the window quickly, causing a girly scream to creep out of his mouth.  Zayn was in quiet hysterics beside Niall, but Louis was doing nothing to hide how funny he thought it was, he was almost in tears from the loud choking sounds echoing from the front seat.  Liam just shook his head and proceed to half-heartedly scold Harry for his joke.

                “Come on, you can’t say that that wasn’t funny!” Harry struggled to cough out through laughter.  The laughter only increased when he saw the look of revenge brewing on the Irishman’s face. “Haha, sorry Nialler, I promise I won’t do it again.”

                Niall just smirked up at his band mate, not wanting to answer him at that minute.  Harry sighed, knowing that something was coming his way, just not what it was going to be.  Liam quickly hurried Harry into his seat, Louis backed out of the parking space and onto the road.  Harry reached over and turned the radio on, chuckling when the song was one of their new ones, One Thing.  He started to sing along with the radio, the rest of the boys joining in at their parts.

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