Mate of the Siren

Chapter 9

(Orana's P.O.V)

Blake was still here after three days which is good.

I was worried he might leave again after he had a fight with his dad, an actual fight with fists.

They usually just have an argument but it seems his dad really struck a nerve with Blake when he had started bad mouthing about his friends and me, but mostly me.

Blake hates it when people bad mouth about me, especially in front of him.

We're just that close, if someone bad mouthed about him I would do the exact same for him.

All because he was there for me when I needed it most.

He's like a big brother to me, a sibling I always wanted.

Though he's human it does have it's advantages, like the fact that he can get angry without exploding into a ball of a fluffy wolf, or get wet without his legs combining to make a shimmering fish tail.

Or more over sing without worrying that an innocent man would kill themselves for him.

Laying here in my room, on the floor, staring at the ceiling, these thoughts can't help but surface up some tears in the corners of my eyes and sadness within my heart.

Blake sits up from laying beside me and looks down at me.

I look up at him and a small smile starts at the corner of lips.

He sighs, smiles down at me before grabbing my hands that lay on my stomach and pulling me up.

"Come on. You need fun and lucky for you I am the Master of Fun, aren't I Jack?" He asks Jack who is laying on my now messy bed.

Jack lifts his head up off my pillow and looks at Blake.

"You? Master of Fun? No, your Master of Disappearing. Rana is Master of Mystery." He points at himself. "And I am Master of Fun."

I raise an eyebrow before looking at Blake.

He shakes his head before grabbing Jack and throwing him over his shoulder.

Jack yelps in surprise before shrugging and enjoying the ride.

I laugh at the sight of them and walk just beside Blake.

"Let's go to the lake today, heh?" jack asks us his head propped up on the palm of his hand.

Looking at Blake I smile and say two words, "Race ya!" and I immediately start running ahead of him.

I hear a thump behind me and see that Blake dropped jake on the ground so he could have a better chance at catching up with me.

But I only laugh cause we both knew there was no way for him to win.

Let's just say I'm an amazing runner through a forest area.

The smell of fresh dirt, the sound of raindrops rolling off the leaves of trees, it was my haven.

The lake wasn't far though I didn't stop because I sensed something, a familiar presence.

But once I got there I didn't expect to see anyone, especially him.

With those familiar light blue eyes of gold and forest green fleckes, it was hard to even stop running.

Though when I did stop, it was when I was in the arms of my Mate, Nassir.

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