Raging twins kills a man

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Sasuke kicks the door in as he walked in with his twin following behind him as they looked for Naruto to Menma until they see a man who looked like he just finished an experiment "who are you two" he asks crossing his arms.

The two growled darkly at him "you have something that is very important to us hand them over or else" Sasuke growled glaring at the man who glared back "like who" he asks.

"two foxes" Sasukie says.

"what no there my property" he says which seemed to tick Sasuke off "you. PROPERT" Sasuke growled walking up to the man and punched in square in the face with enough force to send the man flying threw the wall, "woah Sasuke harsh much" Sasukie asks putting a hand on his hip "cant help it" Sasuke says following naruto's sent that led to an iron door.

There ears went up as they were heard whimpering and crying inside the room as Sasuke and Sasukie kicked the door in together which scared the twins who were inside.

"Naruto...kitten" Sasuke says walking in hearing growling he turned slightly to see what it was as he was attacked to see a wolf on his growling he got into a fight with the dog.

Winning his round he growled darkly as he was in an alpha stance causing the wolf to back down and lower his ears and lay down .

Sasuke went over to Naruto who looked up.

And what Sasuke saw break his heart as he sees how dead and lifeless his mates eyes were causing the uchiha to take a step forward then the kitsune moved back taking his twin with him "you must of been so scared Naru" Sasuke says.

Sasukie had came over and put a hand on his brothers shoulder "Sasuke I don't accept what he did to them" he growled "let's teach him a lesson than we'll leave" Sasukie says as Sasuke nods they looked, at the two kitsu's who were shaking "don't worry were here to save you" Sasuke says taking off his book bag "here you two get in there's water and snacks for both of you ok" Sasuke says again but he new that Naruto wasn't gonna trust him from the long torment he went threw.

"please trust me Naru....please" Sasuke says kneeling down as he held his hand out waiting patiently as the small fox kept hugging his twin who looked soon looked behind him to see Sasuke.


It took a while for the Uzumaki's to trust Sasuke as the twin kitsune's got into the bookbag and settled in as Sasuke left it opened for them to breath as they left the cold and dark room than stopped as the Uchiha puts the bag down as he and Sasukie left for a bit.


Sasuke and Sasukie found the cruel guy and dragged him into his own room as they locked it.

"lets get this over with quickly ok" Sasuke says as his twin nods but the man didn't want his life to end yet "w-wait lets m-make a bargan" he, says "no" Sasuke says "please" the man begged "no" Sasukie says this time "b-but why not" he asks.

"1. you hurt the cubs" Sasuke says.

"2. you raped my mate" Sasukie says.

"and three you abused, bruised, and drained the life out of them" they both said while growling.

"a-alright so I did some terrible things b-but that's all in the past" the man says putting his hands up "NO.IT'S.NOT" Sasuke growled as he kicked the man straight in the face  "they weren't able to trust us anymore nor were they able to move" Sasuke growled.

Sasukie stepped on the mans chest "I might of done some offal things but your the lowest of the low you old buster" Sasukie growled.

"now it's time for out fun" Sasuke says as he soon blacked out along with Sasukie.

The twins started punching with such extreme strength that they slightly broke the guys skull kicking his ribs in and biting threw skin as the man screamed but no one could hear him as his room was sound proof tearing threw his flesh and ripped an arm off causing blood to fly everywhere.

They both were enjoying the man's screams of pain and cries to stop making them do more damage than intending to.

The man was slowly being ripped apart until he was unconscious from the pain and blood lose while the twin came back as they shook there heads and looked at themselves seeing blood they sighed and decided they were gonna bath in the river as they left the room.

(sorry if not very descriptive will be better in the next few chapters ok guys alright)


Everything ok here hehe

Sasuke picked up his bag that had Naruto and Menma in it as he waited for Sasukie to grab his bag than they both left the house without a single care in the world.

They made it to the river as they stripped to there boxers and got into the water to clean off any evidence of there insane half killing spree.

Sasuke's ear twitched as he hear a small squeak as he turned around to see Naruto who was out of the made he still looked sad and lifeless "are you hungry" Sasuke asks earning a nod from the shy and scared kitsune.

"alright I'll see what I can do" Sasuke says getting out the water as he dried off got dressed than left while Sasukie stayed with the two kits that seemed to want to stay in Sasuke's bag instead of getting out and explore, the world around them "come on you can get out if you want to" Sasukie says as Menma looked at him took out his now tiny hand and touched the grass as he let out a squeak putting his hand back in the bag.

Sasukie thought it was adorable but just didn't say anything but wouldn't say that out loud.

"Alright I'm back" Sasuke says bringing food back as he had lots of fish and berries.

"aww sweet" Sasukie says happily as his twin puts the fish down and started a fire.


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