Chapter 1

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As onika stared at beyonce while she was asleep, she thought to herself.She really thought that this woman was different from the others who wanted to take her away.Sure,EVERYONE was in fact scared of her and thought she was crazy but Maraj didn't care.

Onika was still cuffed and her wrist hurt.She couldn't talk because her mouth was dry from the medication they give her.It didn't work.She knew a trick to get out of the cuffs.She wiggled her hands and got them half way out and pulled...boom! she was free.

She giggled to herself and went over to beyonce lightly picking up a strand of hair sniffing it.She smelled like honey.Onika then climbs in bed and looks at her body, she looked really sexy.Nicki starts to touch her cleavage getting hornier by the second.

Beyonce tossed and turned for a minute.Nicki's moans gets louder.Jolting up beyonce looked at onika.

"how did you-" Onika bites her lip and starts rubbing her now exposed pussy.Beyonce shook her head and cringed.She did NOT like the fact another woman was touching herself beyonces bed.Standing up pulling onika out of her bed she dragged her to the guest room.

Beyonce Knowles

I did not like the fact that onika was rubbing herself in MY bed.She's really crazy and needs help and I will give her help,I just dont want her messing up my sheets.Let me do that on my own.

"Why didn't you fuck me, ms.knowles." I try to ignore her but she continues."You're very sexy honeybee."

this girl is really something.

I stop and look at her."Im not into girls onika and you're crazy." She jumps on me making me carry her.She was surprisingly light.Hiding her face in my neck I felt it become wet.

is she crying?

Damn it I forgot she was sensitive and acted like a baby at times.I shushed her making her look at me."hey, hey, its okay I'm here and I'm sorry.Im not the right one for you sweetie pie." 

she looked at me and kissed my cheek."can we play games?"

Its like 2 something in the morning and this girl wants to play games! she already did making me stop in my hallway Just for her to be crying.

"no,im going to sleep and You are to."

When they make it to the guest room beyonce ties onika to the bed so she cant go anywhere.She then goes back to her room to get the needle to make onika fall asleep.

As beyonce tries to stick it in onika squirms and whimpers."no please thats gonna hurt me!" "no it won't onika I promise" beyonce says in a tired voice.

beyonce quickly sticks it in and onika gasps and falls asleep.The numbing was quick.Beyonce sighed and thanked god nothing bad happened.She didn't know what onika was capable of and she didn't want to find out.

They had left her all alone to help this girl get better.Something had to happen in this girls life for her to become who she is.Most likely it would have been bad because onika is truly broken up into pieces and crazy.

Beyonce rubbed Onika's messy blonde hair and noticed that onika was not wearing shoes.Knowles would soon find out that this was normal for onika.She also noticed a scar on onika's neck.A bruise on onika's chest.If she were to take her top off she would see a lot more.Poor girl.

Beyonce stood up going to her kitchen to get a bottled water.After she was done and had used the bathroom she climbed back in bed.Sighing she went to sleep, alone ,confused ,and curious.





what you think happened in the past with onika?

what about recently?

Beyonce being alone?

onika always being tied up?

any predictions on how the rest of their day will go?


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