➙ Chapter One

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You tossed another letter from the Queen in the waste basket next to your desk with a tsk, then leaned back with your forearm covering your eyes in exasperation.

"From the Queen, Miss (Y/N)?" your head maid, Ruth, questioned.

"Yes," you grumbled, sitting back up and grabbing a quill to fill out more pertinent documents that didn't bring extra stress to your life. "I don't see why Her Majesty insists on calling upon me everyday when I've made it clear I'm not interested."

The old, tiny woman sighed loudly, almost in an exaggerated manner, and sat in a poised position in front of your desk. Ruth was allowed to do whatever she wanted in your eyes, even if she was a servant and was expected to follow certain rules (although you didn't follow similar rules that were laid out for yourself). She was much more than that to you, but you would never admit to it aloud.

"She wants your help finding who is stealing the organs from the medical facilities since that is your area of expertise," Ruth reasoned.

You cleared your throat and continued to fill out papers for the new equipment your company was designing so your workers could continue manufacturing them under your authority.

"I'm not a detective, as you know. She has dogs or whatever to do that type of work for Scotland Yard, and I will be no one's animal to parade around or ordered to do their business. Plus, I am much too busy," you remarked firmly.

"You know that's not true," she replied quickly, her Scottish accent slipping out as it did when she became agitated. "You carve out time each week for the children down at the orphanage; it wouldn't hurt to take some of that space and fill it with something as important."

You slammed your hand on the desk, making Ruth roll her eyes. There were certain things other nobles didn't know about you, and one of them was your volunteer work primarily with the children who were parentless. You knew how they felt and how lonely it could be, meaning it was one of the most important events on your schedule each week.

"I will not compromise on this no matter what is offered. I do not care to find someone who steals human body parts when there are other matters to attend to with my company and personal life," you hissed.

"Maybe you should give the Phantomhive boy this case," Ruth suggested.

You shook your head. "He is merely a child and I don't want him to be involved in a such a bloody situation when he must have other cases needing his attention."

"He is only barely two miles away from here, Miss. Surely he wouldn't mind perhaps working with you part-time on this."

You let out a breath and pondered the option carefully. If you were to simply give a portion of your time during this predicament, then the Phantomhive boy could pick up the rest. It was true that he did live relatively close to your own estate and mailing him wouldn't take long at all.

At that moment as you thought about your plans, your large and fluffy black cat, Octavious, scampered into your office. He hopped on your desk, then after walking all over your papers, eventually settled in your lap. You stroked his fur for a solid, silent three minutes before giving your answer.

"I suppose I can move a few things around," you concluded, not tearing your eyes away from the cat, "but this will be the only time I work for Her Majesty and her hound."

Ruth smirked triumphantly and stood from her spot, dusting off the invisible lint from her uniform. She knew exactly how to get under your skin with that toothy smile, but you didn't mind it because she posed somewhat of a challenge for you. She kept you in line when you stepped over it or disregarded it altogether. You were still young, after all.

You grabbed your quill and jotted down a quick letter to the young Earl Phantomhive, stamped it with your family's crest, and sent Ruth on her way. You turned in your chair toward the window and gazed out at the sunset as you continued to let the day crawl to its end. You also hoped the Earl didn't mind late mail as it was an important matter.

You had heard much about the young boy but never got around to meeting him at social gatherings. Like yourself, Ciel was a bit of a legend amongst the English nobles, yet never crossing paths with him until now seemed strange to you, but you brushed it off.

Unlike others, you respected his own reputation and standing in society. He ran his company with pristine excellence and treated his employees with respect, which you admired despite his age.

As you watched the sun set beyond your window, something black zipped by and you paid it no mind. You ran your fingers through your precious feline's fur and felt that something, soon, was going to happen. It was sudden and instinctual, but the feeling wouldn't leave you even as you bathed and prepared for bed that cold and stormy night.

Ruth returned when you were about to blow out the last candle, handing you a note. Octavious rested on the pillow beside yours as you opened the envelope with what you knew to be the Phantomhive seal etched in the red wax. You read the words that stated to meet the Earl at his manor to make further arrangements in the morning hours as long as you were free, which you would be for only a short period of time.

You sent Ruth away once more and curled up beside your cat with a heavy weight on your shoulders. You weren't sure why you felt the need to, but you pulled the covers closer to your body as if you were a child afraid of the monsters in your closet. The only thought you had while you forced yourself to sleep was the reminder that monsters were real and they lurked closer than one would expect.

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