What has the world come to

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I wake up to a scream. I run down stairs to see my Mom laying dead on the floor of the kitchen surrounded by blood and my dad attacking my little brother Zachary. "Dad what the hell are you doing to Zach?" I yell running trying to get dad off of Zach. "Maison help" Zachary yells I pull dad off of Zachary and throw him to the ground. "Dad?!?" I ask and see dads eyes are blood red like a demon.

     Dad was also foaming at the mouth

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Dad was also foaming at the mouth. "When did this start?" I ask Zachary. "I don't know I just came down stairs and saw mom laying like that and dad standing over her attacking her and ripping at her arms and stomach. I screamed and dad came after me!" Zachary says.

"Did he bite or scratch you?" I ask. "He scratched my shoulder" Zachary says showing me the open wound. "Ok well come with me and give me your belt we don't know how long dad will be out" I say he hand me his belt. "What are you gonna do?" Zachary asks. " I'm gonna tie dad up" I say taking the belt and tiring his hands and feet together.
We run up stairs to my room. "Zach sit on the bed and grab my gun from under the pillow" I say while grabbing the sewing and first aid kit along with the whiskey that I hide in my drawerof the nightstand. "Maison why do you keep a gun under your pillow?" Zach asks. "Because you have a paranoid older sister that has a gun and a pillow to put it under Zach is that good enough?" I say he nods his head.
"Ok this might hurt" I say and take the whiskey and poor it on the wound. He screams in pain and I take a wash cloth and wipe up the extra whiskey that came out of the bottle.
I grab ruler from my back back. "Ok Zach your gonna have to bite down on this really hard and don't look when I am stitching the wound" I say he nods and bites down on the ruler.
I stitch the wound and put gauze on it and take some athletic tape and tape the gauze to his shoulder. "Ok and sense I'm a cool sister take a swig but only a swig" I say handing him the whiskey. He takes a sip and gags. "Gahgs how can you drink that shit" Zach asks me. I flick his nose. "Ow" he responds. "Watch your language your ten you should not be talking like that" I say. I take a sip of the whiskey and put the bottle in my back pack.
"Ok now stay here and don't be afraid to shoot if dad comes after you I know he was abusive before but now he's deranged and killed mom and tried to kill you don't hold back I taught you how to shoot you've got this" I say he nods. "Wait where are you going?" He asks. "I'm going to the pantry to get some food then your room to get some of your clothes" I say reaching in the dresser and grab my 9mm beretta.
I walk out the door to Zach's room. I grab a backpack fill it with his clothes get in the safe grab the emergency money. I grab my backpack through the sewing kit and first aid kit in the bag and run to the pantry I through as much food as I can in them than run back to my room. I fill the rest of my back pack with my clothes and take Zach's hand. "Ok Zach take this back pack its lighter. We're going to moms room and your gonna grab the duffle bag from under the bed and get to the safe and fill it with as many guns and as much amo as you can. Okay?" I ask he nods. We take off tuning to moms room and he runs to the bed grabbing the duffle bag and runs to the safe. "I'll cover you stay away from the windows" I yell he responds with an ok.
     He gets the safe open and we hear a loud crash from down stairs. "You might wanna put the ear muffs from practice shooting on just in case." I say. I glance back and see him nod. I look down the stairs and see a demon eyed foamy mouth version of my dad.
     He was stumbling up the stairs looking like he was having a seizure. 'Head shots'  I think in my head as I aim at his forehead. "I'm not sorry dad" is all I said before shooting him in between the eyes. I see the blood trickle down his nose onto his lips and down his chin and neck. Then he falls to the ground.
    I hadn't noticed I was crying until a tear hit my hand. I still had my guard up as I fell to the ground silently crying.

        'What has the world come to for me to shoot my father and say I'm not sorry for it.....

            I've been working on this for a while and I know it's proudly shity as hell but I did my best I hope you liked it but if not I don't care you can shove it up your inconsiderate asshole for all I care but anyway thanks for reading


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