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It was two months ago that I mad the decision to listen to my heart and go against everything I knew at home. I had made the decision to make Phillip my future and see where it would take us. Phillip was now my husband and I couldn't be happier. It was a few weeks after the ball that we stood in front of everyone in the Kingdom that was important to us to join together as one. We didn't have as big of a ceremony as other previous marriages but that is what we both wanted. We didn't want anyone else to keep us apart and only wanted those who meant the world to us there to watch us together. 

It was being in this kingdom with Phillip that I finally felt like I was at home where I belonged this whole time. I did lose some people along the way when it came to being with Phillip. Elizabeth and I no longer talked by her doing but I wasn't affected as much as I thought I would be when it came to losing her. She had gone back to her rooms and didn't come out as much as she once had. I knew that she figured out what she had done to her brother has made him mad and she didn't want to deal with the consequences that came with making him mad. For the wedding she was forced to go and she was standing in the front row. She was also forced to the crowning ceremony for Phillip and I stood next to him looking into the crowd and saw the look on her face about how she lost it all. 

Looking back it was strange that in a matter of a few short months I had gone from a regular school girl that no once noticed to the Queen of a Kingdom that everyone saw. This was still an adjustment for me but Phillip was able to help me through everything. It was still nice that he remembered out time in the future and though we haven't talking about it we know that it was destiny for us to have the ability to be able to come together in the past. 

Phillip and I were better than ever. I was happy with my choices and I knew that I would be happy with Phillip forever. I couldn't wait until tonight at dinner I had a special surprise for Phillip. I had found out two nights ago that I would be expecting our first child. Our family would be growing and I couldn't wait to see Phillip's face when he found out. It seemed like everything was finally working out for us.  

                                                  -----------PHILLIP'S POINT OF VIEW-----------

I had become King four weeks after my father stepped down from the throne. I never thought I would be able to compare to his rule and how all the people loved him. By having Lilly by my side I felt more confident then I ever would have. She kept telling me I was just like my father and was doing a wonderful job. It has been two months since I proposed to Lilly in front of everyone at the ball and she accepted.  Having that day and seeing everyone in the kingdom be happy for us was everything I ever wanted. 

To make sure that Lilly would have no problems becoming a strong and loveable Queen I knew I had to make sure that my sister would not be around to cause anymore trouble. I knew she wasn't happy with Lilly staying and becoming my wife. Elizabeth had done some things I could never forgive her to keep Lilly and myself apart. With everything happening between the two of them and I knew I needed an alliance and my sister would be able to give me that alliance that was needed. I promised her to the prince of France knowing they had a powerful army that would help us if we ever needed it. She was getting ready to leave to be wed to him in the next week. Elizabeth got upset about it and I could see the looks that she gave my wife and I knew she blamed her for all of it but it was my doing and she should have known that she would always be married off to benefit the kingdom. 

Knowing that things were finally falling into place for us and I was finally going to have time for Lilly like I always planned without having to think of all the different things I needed to do. I made sure that we always had dinner together no matter what was going on if I was home in the palace then we had dinner together. It was the one point of the day that we were able to catch up and enjoy time together. That is where I was headed now, I just got out of a meeting with my council and was looking forward to dinner with my wife. 

I wanted into the dinning room and sat down next to my wife. I didn't want to sit across from her because we didn't always have time alone together. I grabbed her hand and brought it to my lips and gave her a kiss. 

"How was your day today?"

"It went well, I was busy with planning the ball to celebrate the upcoming holiday."

"I am sure that it must keep you busy."

"It has been."

I could tell she was holding something back from me and it made me wonder what was going through her pretty head that had so much knowledge in it. I waited a few more minutes while we went through eating the different parts that the servers brought out. She still wasn't saying anything.

"What is wrong? I can tell you are over thinking."

"I don't know how to tell you this. I have been thinking all day how I would tell you this."

"Just go ahead and say it."

"Phillip I'm pregnant." 

I just stood there looking at her. I couldn't believe it, this was something I always thought about happening but never thought it would be real. Now having Lilly and our future child I couldn't see my life any other way. She was where my future was and I knew everything was going to be perfect now. 

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