Chapter 14

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I slowly made my way back to the castle. I knew that it had been awhile since Elizabeth had made her way back into the castle but walking on the grounds outside, I just wasn't sure this was for me. Now that I had the time to see my friend and see the life outside of these walls I wasn't sure I could go back behind that door and act like I was fine. Phillip was acting strange and I wasn't sure I had the nerve to ask him what was going on, I knew we needed to talk but I was afraid of what he would say. The walk was taking me longer than it should have but I wasn't going as fast as I normally walked. I could have moved faster but nothing was appealing to me to move faster. I finally made my way to the doors and they opened and I made my way through the door. No one was around as I made my way through the house and I was almost to my room when I finally heard someone else moving around. I was sure that it was just a servant or Elizabeth.

"Lily please stop." 

It took me a few seconds to realize that my name had been said. Once I stopped I didn't turn around right away. I wasn't sure who the voice was, I thought I may have an idea which was another reason I didn't want to turn around. I don't think I had the nerves to have a conversation with anyone right now. 

"Lily please."

I decided I couldn't just stand in the middle f the hallway, I turned around after the second time of asking. I wasn't surprised to see it was Phillip that was there in the hallway, I had a feeling it would be him. It had been weeks since we have been alone and had really talked to each other which only made this harder. I was still thinking about Adam and how he felt like home and right now that is where I wanted to be. He made his way closer to me and I knew that I had to think of something.

"Lily we need to talk." 

I just stared at him because I wasn't sure what I was going to say to him. I still was thinking about the past and what he had done to hurt me in the long run. I was hoping that he would just say something quick then let me be. I was starting to think that I had made my decision. I wanted to go talk with the seer to see how I can make my decision know to get back to where I wanna be. 

"Lily will you say something."

"What do you want? You haven't talked to me for weeks. Now you want to talk to me!?" 

I was mad and I couldn't stand seeing him at the moment. I wanted to just turn back around go into my room and leave it all behind but I knew I couldn't he was still the prince and I had to respect him. I could still upset everything if I didn't think things through. 

"I know you are upset I would be too. There have been things going on that you wouldn't understand. I'm sorry but listen to me."

"No I don't have to. You went right back to how things were. I refuse to be hurt by you."

I was done being hurt by him, I have let him come back over and over again to just hurt me in the end. I turned around and made my way to my room and shut the door and was hoping that Phillip wouldn't come in. After some time of waiting I knew he wouldn't come now. I made my way back out of my room and  make my way all the way down to the bottom level where the seer was. Somehow I made my way through the castle without anyone seeing me again. It was like I had become a ghost again and I am sure it had to do with me being rude to the Prince but I was done with his antics. He hadn't changed and I couldn't see him changing, I had fallen for his words these last few months but he went right back to the arrogant jerk as soon as things become normal. I made it to the back staircase that Elizabeth and I went down the night of the party. I was trying to remember which door was his and I believed I had the right door I knocked and waited for someone to come to it.

"Hello how may I help you?"

"Hello sir I'm not sure if you remember me or not but I came here during the last ball with the Princess. You told me I had a choice to choose between living here or going back home. I was hoping you would be able to help me."

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