Chapter 11

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Adam was right when I finally did let go I was able to put my trust into someone that I thought I would never be able too. Philip was showing me a different side to him and I enjoyed this side. He wasn't the arrogant boy he was that would lure me in and then tear me down and knowing I was able to believe what he said only gave me happiness. My parents were no longer ashamed of me and I felt like I was bring honor to my family instead of taking it away. The next few weeks went by in peace and I started to spend more time with Philip and we got into a routine. Before I would begin my lessons for the different items I would have to know, Philip would take me on a horse ride.

"Can I skip my lesson today and we just stay out on a ride longer?"

"I don't want to get you in trouble with my mother. I know how much she looks forward to these lessons."

"I would rather just have more time to get to know you."

I really wanted to go my special place and I knew that would require skipping the lesson today. I started to walk away to where the sitting hall was. I was hoping the Queen would be there and then I would ask her myself.

"Where are you going?"

"To get permission. If you won't let me skip then I will just ask."

I heard him laughing as he followed me to the sitting room. I gave a big sigh of relief seeing his mother sitting on one of the chairs in the room. I was hoping she would be okay with me wanting to skip the glass for the day but I wanted to get out of the castle for today. 

"Good morning Lily."

"Good morning your majesty."

"I told you on the first week you were here to please call me Catherine or mother. I see you as another one of my children and my children don't call me majesty."

I nodded my head because I remember she told me to call her by name or mother. It was still too weird to call her mother and with the last month I didn't know if that rule still applied with how things went.

"Of course I am sorry."

She gave me a sweet smile and motioned for me to come and sit down next to her. I did as I was told and sat down in the seat next to her. I was trying to make it look like I wasn't holding something back. 

"I can see something is on your mind what is it?"

"I know how much lessons mean to you and I am learning a lot from you. I was just hoping to have this day off. It is beautiful outside and I have a special spot I like to visit when it is nice like today." 

Maybe I had disappointed her. I didn't want to do that. I enjoyed the time we were spending together and I know Elizabeth should have been with us too but it didn't seem like she was around much.

"Of course you can I know how it is to not be able to get to a place you hold close to your heart. I still find time to get to mine. That will be the lesson for today. Holding onto one thing that will help you find your peace."

 I gave her a hug and then headed towards the door. I walked to the doorway and grabbed my cloak and walked out the door. She understood where I was coming from and I liked that because she didn't act like how I felt was stupid. I had made it to the stables where the stable boy was just coming in from the field. He looked at me and nodded as if to let me know he knew what I needed. I was sure he was tired of seeing me.

"You took off before I could catch up with you."

"I'm sorry but I was just happy when your mother told me I could do an independent lesson today. I am heading there now." 

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