Chapter 9

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A few weeks had gone by since Philip and I had talked and I was starting to get into a normal routine and no one had mentioned much of the first week I was here. My parents had come to visit every other week and when they were here they had dinner with the King and Queen. Adam hadn't come back to see me and I figured that was for the best because I didn't want anyone to get in trouble with us talking and that was the hardest part. I no longer felt like I had someone I could talk to about anything and the worst thing was I felt I had lost Elizabeth as a friend too and I couldn't bring myself to forgive her yet for trying to create trouble. I wasn't sure why she did it but she had tried to talk to me a few times and I wasn't giving in this time she was going to have to prove to me that she did care for our friendship and I wasn't just another person for her to use.

The servants came in every morning and helped me get dress. I hadn't really gotten to know any of them yet and I wasn't sure I wanted to yet because with how the King was acting I wasn't sure if my stay was going to last. Once I was dressed I decided I was going to skip breakfast because I didn't feel like putting on a happy face today. I walked out of my room and down to the main door, where I grabbed my cloak before heading out the door. It was now late November and you could tell that the weather had changed because the chill in the air was now becoming more permanent. Once outside I made my way to the barn where the horses were kept.

"Hello Lady Lily, can I help you with anything?"

"Yes I would like to go riding could you please saddle up my horse for me?"

He nodded and continued on his way to get my horse and make sure that the horse would be ready for me to go out. I probably should have told someone I was going on a ride but I needed to get some air and clear my head. I was afraid if I told someone that they would stop me from going out and I needed to get away for some time. 

"Here you are miss."

He handed me the reigns and I walked outside with Freedom. I had her since I was a little girl and she has always been reliable and never once hurt me. Once outside I mounted onto her and I took off outside the castle wall. I turned around to watch the gates close and than I was off. I could get the time I needed away from people telling me how to think or how to act. I wasn't use to being in this type of world where I couldn't decide for myself.

I found myself in a place I hadn't visited many times before, it was a meadow that I came to when I was a little girl. I found it strange how this location could be in both times but it still had the same feeling about being in the field like I did in modern times. I could spend hours here and know that no one would bother me so I could think about anything I wanted too. Sitting here looking at the sky just made me smile because of how peaceful and nice it was to just listen to the birds and watch the clouds in the sky. Every once in a while Freedom would come up and nudge me in the arm and I would pet her head and she would go back over to the grass to munch.

It wasn't until the sun started to set that I realized that I had been here for longer than I intended to be. I grabbed Freedom's reigns and climbed up onto her back and made my way back to the Castle. I knew I had missed breakfast and lunch but I was hoping I wasn't late for dinner. I went as fast as I could through the fields while trying not to push Freedom to much but I knew she was able to go faster than she was going now. As I neared the gates I saw them start to open and once I made it threw the gates, I went down to the stables. The stable boy was there as I walked up with Freedom. I handed the reigns over to him and watched as he took Freedom to the back for her to be un-tacked and brushed out. I made my way to the castle bracing myself for whatever was behind the door.

"Lady Lily welcome back."

The butler was standing in the entry way as I entered into the castle. I gave him a nod and continued on my way to the dining hall. I was sure that no one noticed I was gone and even with me running late that it wouldn't matter to any of them. I entered into the dinning hall and everyone was sitting there.

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