Chapter 8

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I must have dozed off while being in Philip's arms. But when I woke up and I was in my bed and I didn't see Philip any where in my room. I wondered how long I has been sleeping and how much I needed that rest, I did notice the sun was coming up meaning I had bed asleep for hours. I just remembered sitting next to Philip talking about how we didn't have a choice and how he said we would make sure I would still get my choice. There was a knock on the door and I let the servants come in, they moved around the room and helped me get out of my dress from yesterday and into a new one. Once I was fully dressed I made my way over to the door and headed for the dinning hall. I made it to the room before anyone else got there but I didn't sit in my normal seat. I didn't feel comfortable around the King right now so I sat next to where Philip would be. I felt that if I could be next to him then maybe I would feel a little safer and like I still had a say. Elizabeth was the next one that came in and neither one of us said anything to each other. I was mad at what she did last night and I am sure that she didn't think she did anything wrong. Philip came in next and saw where I was sitting. He smiled as he sat down and reached over and gave my hand a little squeeze. It was reassuring to know that he would be on my side.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep last night."

"Don't apologize. I was glad I was able to be there for you during that time."

I smiled and turned back towards my plate. Their parents came in next together and they both nodded to everyone and then sat down. I didn't make eye contact with anyone because I was too ashamed about last night. It didn't take long for breakfast to be served with it being eggs and something else. I wasn't too sure what else was with the eggs.

"Elizabeth after breakfast you will be coming with your mother and I. We have a visiting prince and would like you to meet him."

I understood why she would marry another prince because it would give her kingdom negotiations to work with her husband's kingdom. I didn't understand why Philip didn't need to find a princess and what did my family have to offer that no one else could.

"Yes father."

She didn't sound happy and I couldn't blame her she would soon be told who she was going to marry without any chance of it being with her true love and that was the one thing I truly wanted. Breakfast was finished and no one addressed Philip or I. I made sure to keep quiet to make sure that it would stay that way.

"Come Elizabeth let's go change your dress into something a little more fancier."

She stood and followed her mother back to her room and her father wasn't far behind them. This left Philip and I by ourselves which made me relax in my chair. I didn't know where the King stood on anything when it came to Philip and I after last night. He could always change his mind and say I was no longer the right choice. I didn't know how I wanted this to go.

"I know it was a hard night but I am glad you felt safe enough with me to fall asleep."

"I am so embarrassed that I did that. I didn't know how emotionally wiped out I was. I feel so bad because I am sure you were talking to me when I did fall asleep."

"No you are fine. My father did say a lot last night but please believe me when I say that I will follow through on my promise."

He stood and moved over to my chair and pulled it out for me. I stood and he held his hand out. I put mine in his and he led me out of the room. We made our way to the front entrance where I grabbed a cloak and we walked out the door.

"I know that Adam coming here wasn't the right move yesterday but I have always had him in my life. I wasn't thinking about what others may think, I am use to being in my home with my parents. Not everyone is watching my every move wondering what I am doing and why I am doing it."

"That does take time to get use to and you don't need to explain to me. I trust you and know nothing will happen."

"Can you tell me why they choose me to make the engagement with? I know there must be plenty of princesses that would make better deals and get your kingdom farther."

"I did have a little say in the matter before the final decision was made before I left. Many were brought in and they were pretty and some did make me laugh but there was only one girl that I could think about because she had gotten under my skin and I didn't know how to get her out."

He paused and moved to a bench that was nearby. I followed and sat down next to him it was a little chilly in the air but it wasn't too bad. No one else was walking around the grounds which made it nice to be able to talk and not worry about anyone else.

"I talked to my father about it and we had many different conversations. He wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing and to make sure that I wasn't choosing an easy option to just make sure I was happy. I choose you Lily because I couldn't stop thinking about you. It was a conditional engagement until I came back. My father made a deal with me that I needed to leave for a year and come back and see if I still felt the same."

I was processing what he was saying. He choose me? He didn't want a princess, I wasn't a bargaining tool that got him farther in the kingdom or in the world. He had feelings for me and he was letting his heart help him in deciding what he wanted to do. Now I needed to let my heart lead the way instead of my mind. 

"I knew I would be right because all I could think about since I left the castle was you. Thinking about all the times we would fight over something stupid and you would stick to your argument just to prove you were right. There was no one that would stand up against me and push me. Everyone would just agree with me and you showed me how far I could go and when I didn't think I could go any farther you would show me I was wrong. Lily when I came back that first night of the ball I saw you with Adam I felt like I had lost my chance."

My heart was pounding, my head was spinning and had no idea where to go with this. Philip had known for some time how he felt about me and he wasn't going to hide it anymore. He wanted to let me know and after a year of not seeing each other he truly believed he lost his chance at seeing what we could be. I didn't fully know how he felt but I was beginning to see where we could be perfect for each other. We did push each other to our limits and then past, now it was up to me to see how far I wanted to be pushed.

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