Chapter 6

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Philip had left over an hour ago and I was still trying to figure out where I wanted to put everything and remember where it would be. I had added my personal books to the books that were already on the book shelves. I couldn't believe he had remembered all my favorite books because I had never had someone do something this nice for me.

My parents were still with the King and Queen, my mom wanted to help me but I wanted to be alone unpacking all of this but having my space to think everything through was helpful for me. I didn't know where to put the rest of my items so I left them in the trunk and moved on to my clothes. I walked over to the wardrobe and opened it up and it was twice the size of the one back home and I didn't think I would have enough dresses to even make a dent in this. I finished hanging my dresses and shut the door to the wardrobe. I knew I had all my small items I brought with me left but it almost felt safe keeping them in the trunk because that meant I wasn't fully moved in and I could leave at any minute. My thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock on the door. I set my favorite blanket on the bed and walked to the door, I didn't know for sure who would be on the other side when I opened the door.

"I am surprised to see you. I thought you would still be mad at me."

"I am but I am also excited that you are moving into the castle. I will be mad once again after I am done seeing how you are."

I smiled at Elizabeth even if she was mad at me she didn't stay long or she would pause the being upset and then pick it up again. That was one of the many reasons I loved having her in my life even if some of those times she was upset with me because of something I didn't fully have control with. 

"I am doing fine. I have only a few little things left but that is all."

I moved to the side of the door to let her come into my room. I didn't want to be rude and keep her in the hall and it would be strange to continue this conversation where others could hear us if they wanted too. 

"It is weird being on this side of the castle because when I would hang out with you it would be far away from here. We never really came over here with wanting to stay away from Philip."

"I tried to give you the room down from mine but Philip was pig headed that you must stay over here so he can win you over. I don't know how being near my room would prevent him from doing that."

"He told me if I was near you then I wouldn't be hanging out with him I would be with you all the time and I wouldn't be getting to know him like I should be doing."

She just shook her head but we both knew that it was true, if I was near her then I would never be hanging out with Philip and the whole point for me coming here was to give him a chance. I sat down on the lounge in the room and Elizabeth started going through my trunk of all my little items. She started to put things on shelves and different places within the room. It was better that she did it because she didn't have any reservations about me being here she knew that she wanted me to be here and maybe she had a different point of view with how to decorate things.

Elizabeth was still going around the room putting items where she thought they would be perfect. While putting items away Elizabeth continued to talk about a story of some Duke and his family. I wasn't really paying attention and I knew at the right moments to say something to make it look like I was listening to everything she said. She was in the middle or end I wasn't completely sure of the story when there was a knock on the door. I went over to the door to open to see who it was and to get a little break from the story.

"Good evening. I wanted to check in on how everything was going."

I smiled and moved to the side to let Philip into the room. He gave a little smirk and shook his head when he saw his sister was in my room. This right here proved why we needed distance between Elizabeth and myself, she would be around all the time.

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