Chapter 2

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I had awaken to a noise going off but I wasn't sure what it could be. I knew it wasn't my alarm because I never turned it on last night plus it was Saturday it was my day to sleep in. I flopped around in bed but couldn't get comfy like I normally could, I was always able to fall back asleep if I turned over. It was weird my bed was never hard like this before, my bed was comfy with a pillow top mattress.

"Lily it's time to get up."

I heard my mother calling for me and decided it was time to get up and start my day. I must have forgotten that something was going on today and that is why the noise woke me up and my mom calling for me. I tossed the blanket off of me to get me motivated to get off the bed, I knew it would be a struggle to start my day. It was when I stepped onto the floor that I realized I wasn't in my room, stepping onto the hard floor was one sign because we had carpets in every room. My mom always complained when we had to vacuum the whole house put she said it felt nicer than having hardwood floors. Looking around my room it was the same set up I had in my normal room but none of the furniture matched what I had picked out for my birthday last year. I heard a knock on my door and then a head popped into my room; it was my mom and I was really hoping she was going to explain what was going on.

"Sweetie do you need help getting dress?"

Something strange was really going on, I hadn't been asked if I needed help getting dress since I was six.  When my mom saw the questioning look on my face she stepped farther into my room and shut the door. When she walked into the room I was finally able to see what she was wearing, it was a nice dress with a corset and everything. She looked like she had just came out of the movie last night. She walked over to the wardrobe in my corner and opened the doors and started looking through the dresses that were hanging there. This was going to be an experience, I haven't worn a dress since the seventh grade. I am sure this dress came with a few more complications then just a zipper.  After a few minutes of her going through and searching the wardrobe, she pulled out a light blue dress and held it towards me for me to have a look.

"This will look perfect on you for the picnic today."

She seemed to waiting for me to say something about the picnic or the dress. I was still trying to figure out what was going on. I was trying to not look confuse but it was becoming hard with all this events and items that aren't what I am use too.

"Sweetie are you okay? You are looking at me strangely."

"Mom I haven't worn a dress since junior high what is going on?"

Now it was my mom's turn to look at me like I had three heads and that I was sick or something. She stood there with the dress in her hands just waiting for me to say something to make everything crystal clear for her. I was now afraid I was going to get locked up in some physic ward because I was going crazy.

"Lily what are you talking about? You have always worn a dress. Women aren't allowed to wear anything else."

"Where are we?"

My mom moved closer to me and put her hand on my forehead. I knew she was trying to figure out if I was having a fever and delusional and I was waiting for her to call someone to come and take me away. The more I thought about it maybe I was the sane one and my mom was the one that was going crazy.

"We are in our house, we have lived here your whole life. I knew going out last night was going to hurt you."

Going out last night, was she talking about me going to the movies? The more I looked around the more it looked like I was no longer in 2015. I wasn't sure where I was but there was no electricity and my laptop and phone were no longer sitting on my nightstand. Candle sticks and lanterns were the only things in the room to provide light at night.

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