Chapter 2 revised

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Chapter 2. revised

I laughed and panted as I ran through the thick wood, the cold wind blew through my ebony black fur. White snow shot up from my speed along with my pack.

I glanced back at my friends and future pack mates. We decided to go for a run to burn off our wolf's energy at least until we could go for our hunt tonight.

"MALIA!!!" My father's rough voice barked, I yelped and skidded to a stop and looked as my father jumped in front of us standing in his human form but his eyes shining bright red. "What are you doing?" He rumbled, I laid down with my ears flat back showing my submission to him. "Answer me." He rumbled.

W... we were restless ... excited about the hunt. We wanted to go for a run. I whined, he sighed.

"I have told you no running in the day ... especially this close to the mountain. It's dangerous!" He barked, I whimpered.

We needed to burn off some energy. And ... well I ...

"You know what you're suppose to do about your energy." He said his lips pulling back.

But dad a treadmill isn't the same as running! I said standing up.

"I don't care! Back to the house and I'll whether you are allowed on the hunt tonight." He said, I slumped and turned to my pack and nodded my head. We set back to the house slowly, my dad followed us, I sighed quietly as we arrived back to my house which was a three story house with a small barn to the side of it.

The place where I was born and raised was Shadowrock, Wyoming. It was a sort of wolf haven, it was cut off from the 'normal' world by a large mountain range that was nearly impossible to pass over. Seven wolf packs resided here with my pack the leaders since we were the direct descendants of the ancient wolf counsel. The area held a large school that was K through 12, a large store that carried everything, a small hospital, a recreational park and some apartment like buildings. Each clan even thought we had treaties still had chunks of land for themselves with their own traditions for some things and there was a large forest and river. It was a haven because no human hunters could get to us so we could stay in our wolf forms safely and not worry about some psycho's trying to kill us.

We arrived back at my house and we changed quickly grabbing the blankets that we left out earlier to cover our bodies. It was the only downfall when shifting the clothes were lost with each shift.

I let out a sigh and walked inside and up to my room grabbing my pajama pants and tank top sliding them on quickly and sat on my bed waiting because I knew I was in trouble.

My door came open and dad walked in which made me hunch slightly as he stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You know what you did was dumb." He said. "What would of happened if you had been hurt? Or a hunter had gotten through hmm? You were much too close to the border." He said.

"Dad I-"

"What made you think it was a good idea?" He asked.

"I ..." I sighed closing my eyes mentally accepting that I was going to get a stern lecture and punishment for what I was about to say but oh well! I stood up quickly and stared directly into my father's eyes. "Dad I'm an alpha and the well being of my pack is too important for me to ignore! Our wolves needed a challenging run before our hunt tonight, I decided to go for the run, I made sure to keep them from the road and the basic opening. It was my choice and as an alpha I stand by it!" I said firmly keeping eye contact and struggling to keep my shakes down. He took in a deep breath and uncrossed his arms, I flinched waiting, his hand landed on my shoulder gently which made me look again, he had a grin on his face.

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