The History of World Meetings

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At first the meeting was held once every three years in Asia. Asian nations were the only nations that attended due to the expenses/time that travel took. China was the one that suggested it.

Next the word got out that these were happening, Europe decided not to host them however Africa did. African nations started hosting one meeting every three years as well. Again only nations of this continent attended due to travel issues.

Meetings were called, Meetings of Africa or Meetings of Asia for their respective continents

This went on for a while until Europe finally joined the party and started hosting meetings in Europe for European nations, AKA Prussia started screaming that they should get together and forced everyone to do so.

Meetings in Europe were called, Meetings of Europe (duh)

Finally Nations from these three continents started meeting in the Middle East since it was sorta in the middle of all three. Once every three years all these nations would meet in the selected place in the Middle East. Middle Eastern nations were actually pretty happy about this since they hadn't been going to either Europe, Asia, or Africa for meetings. They had just decided not to host them for various reasons.

Meetings were now called, Meetings of Nations

Now that travel was starting to get easier meetings were held in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Four meetings in the various places in the selected country. This started to happen every two years.

Western Hemisphere and Oceania nations were invited but no meetings were actually held in those places. These nations actually weren't expected to attend but were given the option anyway. Many of these nations decided to attend because they thought it would be cool.

With this the meetings were now called World Meetings seeing that every country could attend.

WW1 broke out in Europe. This caused nations who were allies to stay for several weeks in one nation. Ex - Allies staying in England so they could collaborate/support each other better. Since this was a terrible time for a lot of countries, especially in Europe, World Meetings were now more random and held in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and now the Western Hemisphere and Oceania.

After WW1 the World Meetings soon returned to Europe. They decided that they would all set of a schedule for Meetings, every year a different continent with a different country.

WW2 started and it was more chaos then before. World Meetings almost completely stopped for these years. The only nations to hold World Meetings were South America and African countries. These nations and the few others that were neutral at the time were basically the only ones to attend World Meetings. Of course the Allies and Axis made efforts to show but soon collectively decided that it would cause to much tension. That part was shown when Canada punched Japan in the face at one of the meetings.

After WW2 meetings were once again held in Europe on European years. No meetings took place in previous Axis countries until 1984 when one was finally hosted in Japan. After that Axis countries were allowed to host meetings.

During a good part of the Cold War America and Russia unfairly held World Meetings in their respective countries on other continents/countries turns. Many nations tried to get them to stop but not many wanted to say such things to these two in fear of getting thrown out a window. Meetings also started happening monthly instead of yearly.

After the Cold War was over Russia said that he did not want to host the Meetings in his country anymore. America quickly stated that he would take over Russia's turns. America now held more of the meetings in his country.

This continued, the cycle monthly, the turns changing, some countries dropped out of hosting World Meetings and others quickly took these drop out spots.

As of 9/11 America did not host a World Meeting for 3 years. He also refused to go to World Meetings that involved him getting on a plane for 1 of those 3 years. That being said he did not attend basically any meeting for 1 entire year. Russia stated that they would distribute these extra meetings fairly. When America was too return to hosting he would be given his fair share of meetings. Russia started hosting meetings again.

The order for World Meetings has been returned to normal. Every year a continent is selected and nations from that continent will take turns hosting the meetings for those 12 months. If all of those nations in that continent did not go that year they will be given turns the next time their continent is selected. G8 meetings happen every 6 months and only those nations will attend.

Every nation is allowed to attend World Meetings but not every nation does due to their own reasons. Sometimes it's as simple as being sick, sometimes it's as hard as not being able to afford it, sometimes their government just doesn't let them. It all varies from nation to nation, and rarely there is a meeting where all nations are present.

Not physical fighting is allowed.

War is not often spoke of unless the nations contributing to said war agree on speaking of it.

History isn't looked on fondly when spoken about in World Meetings.

As of the time that America and Russia broke several chairs over each other's heads in the Cold War because they had to sit next to each other they all have selected seats.

As of the time nations almost killed each other with weapons; weapons are not allowed. Though not many follow this rule and bring guns/knives/pipes/axes anyways.

Of course there are continents that don't have any nations/people so they don't host meetings.

Most nations look back and laugh at World Meetings because honestly it's just the world's excuse to get together on vacation for several days of forced peace.

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