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By the time went on and more ''Drama'' and things happened, I changed so much!

I am muuuuuuch more confident now and not scared to make them upset or to lose them like before, I mean if they are true friends, they will be scared to lose me as I am scared to lose them and will make effort for me, I also was never like I was before, I never upset myself to make them happy, Im important too!

and I also knew that Abi talked about me behind my back and whenever we fought she told all my secrets! and let me remind you, this girl is my ''Best friend'' we are friends for more than 6 years now, Once I thought I am knowing the true her for the first time, but when I thought for a little, I rememered that I kinda knew that about her but I always passed it away. And as Abi left Sandy at first she left me and as she left me she left courtney. Because all she cares about, is herself and I felt like Courtney and others are better than her!

Im not good with everybody whoever it was like before, being that good is something soooo great, but it must be to the right people. Sadly, I think people like this are the most poor and sad people. that doesn't work out in that society.

I started going to church a lot and I got to know the best people ever!! we started to know each other and now we are very close, i think they're like me, and these are who I call them real true friends, people who are there for you in your happy and sad times, not just the happy ones.

I felt that I even like them more than my friends in school and really wanted them to know how much I loved them, I was kinda scared to annoy them. But I really really really adored them, like I wanted to stay with them more than that and for the rest of my life. I truly feel good and wanted and happy with them, they understand me. God sent them for me in the absolute right time!

I feel peaceful when Im sitting with some people not like Courtney and Abi! not everybody will understand that but whatever.

well, That's the end of the story, I know it's not good or interesting and boring but I wanted to share this to write some points,

In that story Emily didn't do anything to solve that problem with her friends, the only thing is that she felt better about herself and had confidence and moved on so,

1- Sometimes we complicate problems, which ruin our happiness. sometimes we just have to take things simply, Take a deep breath and think carefully and do what's right, even if it's not always what we want, but it is always what will make us happy at the end.

2- you are more important than you think, and who doesn't appreciate you, doesn't deserve you.

3- Everything happens for our good which is a part of God's plan, as in the story if Emily didn't meet these fake friends she would never meet these better friends and wouldn't be who she is now

4- Cutting and Suicide doesn't solve any problem AT ALL, it makes everything worse. The true thing to solve a problem is thinking positively and leaving people who makes you upset and doesn't make you a better person

5- Everything happens in the right time when it's meant to be, God looks further and for our future and we have to trust him and trust his plans cause it's way better than ours. we only look for now but God looks for then.

6- if you see that you can help someone with anything, don't just go and leave that person, maybe God is letting you see him because he will find a way through you.

7- Don't complicate things and you'll be happy

8- Help people the best you can but don't let anybody use you

9- your opinion matters, you can ask people but also your point of view and opinion about yourself is very important

10- If something bad happened or you knew a bad truth about someone, don't just keep bothering yourself. Be thankful that you knew, learn the lesson, look for tomorrow and be happy and every body comes into your life for a reason.

11- Sometimes, How you see yourself or think about yourself is reflected to people

 12- Everybody's words are just opinions not the truth

Thanks for reading this and I hope it helped in anything :)

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