My Disciple, My Wife

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"Mother! I got you medicine!" a young girl around the age of 16 ran up to her town with her dirty hands and some herbs

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"Mother! I got you medicine!" a young girl around the age of 16 ran up to her town with her dirty hands and some herbs. 

"Stop! You may not enter!" the guards said. 

There were guards and huge fences surrounding her small town.  She had only left for a few hours and all of this had happened?

"But my mother is in there" the young girl said.

"The king has ordered that no one is allow to enter the  town. We cannot allow anymore people to get infected by the plague" the guard said. 

"But I need to take care of my mother" she said.

"Please leave. We have to burn this town" the guard said. 

"But my mother" the young girl began.

"You must leave! This is no place for a child" the guard said. 

"No!" she yelled back.

"Take this girl away!" the guard said.

A few masculine men walked up to her and dragged her away. She tried to struggle and get out of their grasp, but the men were too strong. When she was far enough from the town, they threw her to the ground. The guards walked back to their station. The young girl tried to stand up and run up to her town again, but was stopped by someone. She was hit at the side of her neck and collapsed. All she could see was darkness.


An hour earlier 

"She is here" Shui said.

"Who is here?" Bishou asked.

"My disciple, my wife" Shui replied. 

He could feel that it is time to bring her up to the mountains. It was time to take her to the martial school.  Shui stood up from the chair and walked out the room.

"Your disciple cannot be your wife! What are you taking about grand master!?" Bohai asked. 

Shui had already left the room. He flew down the mountains and towards the town. 


Back to present time

He saw a young girl get thrown to the ground by a few guards. The beauty stood up and tried to run up to the town again. Shui flew up behind her and knocked her out. She collapsed in his arms.

"My wife, I'm here to retrieve you" he said softly 

Shui picked the girl up bridal style and flew back to the mountains with her. He entered the school. The students were practicing their swords skills, but stopped to look at their grand master. They started to whisper, but Bishou silenced them. 


Everyone began their practice again. Bishou walked down the steps and up to Shui.

"Grand master. Allow me to take her to a room. I will arrange a class for this young lady" Bishou said. 

He reached out his hands to take the girl, but Shui pulled away.

"Don't touch her! She is my disciple! I will take care of her!" Shui yelled.

He walked pass Bishou and head to his section. He walked to the room next to his and placed her there. Each teacher have their own section of the school. Each section, except for Shui's, has 100 rooms. Therefore, each teacher may only have 99 students. Shui's section have only 5 rooms. He placed the girl in the room next to his. He placed her on the bed and was about to walk away, but stopped. He looked at her clothes and hands. They were dirty and the herbs were still tightly in her hand. He opened up her hand and took the herb out. He then picked her up and walked to the bathe room that was connected to her room. There was a wooden tub at the center of the room. He placed her in the tub and began to fill it with water. Shui walked back and forth from the spring that was located outside and to her bathe room. He filled the tub up with water. 

"Giving you a bath in your clothes is no good" he said. 

He put his hands in the water and and undid her clothes. He took out every layer of it and tossed it aside. Shui began to scrub her delicate body. He stopped when he saw the lotus imprint on her chest. There was no doubt that she is his wife. When Shui was finished giving her a bath, he took her out of the tub. He lay her body on the bed and dressed her up in a nice pink robe. Students at the school were required to wear white robes with blue and red designed, but he made an exception for her. He dressed her in a nice silk robe. Shui then sat her up and brushed her hair. He made two braided buns, one on each side. He placed one lotus hair pin with tassels on each side. He then put a golden chained head piece on the top of her head. After that, he lay her back on the bed and cover her up with a blanket. 

"My wife" he said softly. 

Shui walked out of the room and closed the doors tightly. 

"How is the girl grand master?" Bishou asked.

"She is fine" Shui answered. 

"Grand master should rest. I will take care of her" Bishou said.

"No!" Shui answered aggressively. 

"Why are you so protective?" Bishou asked.

"She is my wife!" Shui answered.

In Bishou's head, he thought that Shui is a shameless lolicon. 

"I will not do anything to her. Grand master should rest well to have the energy to teach her" Bishou said. 

"Fine, but you must not touch a single strand of hair on her!" Shui warned. 

He left Bishou standing in front of the room, totally speechless. 

"How am I suppose to take care of that girl without touching her?" Bishou asked himself. 

He walked into the room. He then head over to the bed that the young girl was resting at. 

"Did grand master really give you a bath and dressed you?" Bishou asked.

He couldn't believe that the grand master was such a pervert. 

He took a towel and wet it. He then placed the towel on her forehead. Bishou tried to transfer some of his energy to the girl to make her feel better, but couldn't. He suddenly feel a strange force emitting from her body. It was pure aura. 

"Who are you really?" he asked. 


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