Chapter 1

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"I'm tired," Ji-Hun groaned as Wyatt pat his head apologetically. I watched them for a while before I continued eating whatever mystery the cafeteria had provided as lunch today. Aiyana was reading a book on her phone, as usual, her eyes leaving her screen briefly as she muttered a small 'sorry' to Ji-Hun.

"You'll get better," Wyatt muttered, pulling Ji-Hun's lunch today so it was in front of him. "You just have to eat. We still have four classes until the end of school."

"Will you feed me?" Ji-Hun suddenly asked, raising his head. Aiyana dropped her phone and started laughing. She tried to control herself by covering her mouth with her palms as Wyatt stared at Ji-Hun with a horrified look.

"Of course not," he stuttered, looking away from his boyfriend. Aiyana soon regained her composure but she was still wearing a painful smirk as the two bickered in hushed tones. I just sat in my seat and experienced the second-hand embarrassment.

In the end, Wyatt did end up feeding Ji-Hun. Ji-Hun seemed happy about it, but Wyatt looked like he was about to faint from how red his face was. I tried to ignore them as I played the color switch game on my phone, leaving my food unattended to.

"What do you guys have after this period?" Aiyana asked, putting her phone on the table. She then started to pick at her food with the plastic fork provided.

"Ji-Hun and I have IT after lunch," I muttered, taking a sip of water from my cup. Ji-Hun nodded in agreement before Wyatt made mention to having a biology class right after.

I checked my watch, realizing that the break would be over in the next fifteen minutes or so. We spent the rest of the time talking, leaving the cafeteria just before the time was up so that we wouldn't get caught up in the stream of students that always appeared in the hallways after the bell went.

Aiyana and Wyatt left, leaving Ji-Hun and me behind at our lockers. I changed my books then waited for Ji-Hun to do the same. He finished, getting his laptop as well.

"Let's go," he said, walking ahead of me. I followed him and it was at that moment the bell rung for the next class. We were walking up the stairs to the IT lab when students started to flood the hallways.

We soon got to the Lab's two-way door. Ji-Hun turned the knob before pushing the door open and walking in. I followed behind him, heading into the lab as well.

"Hey, Felix!"


I stopped in the middle of my tracks, turning my gaze towards the direction Ji-Hun had walked towards. Felix was behind his computer and he and Ji-Hun were now talking.

I stood on the spot awkwardly, playing with the strap of the black laptop bag before heading to a corner table at the far end of the room.

They talked for a while until more people started to file into the room and Felix had to leave for his next period. I watched him get up, packing up his MacBook before he headed for the lab's exit. He greeted our teacher, Mr. Gray who was just coming in before he left.

As our teacher set up, Ji-Hun came to take the seat beside me. He smirked, removing his laptop from his bag as someone helped our teacher set up the class' projector.

"You talk to Felix?" I asked when my curiosity got the best of me. Ji-Hun shrugged as he turned his laptop on. I shouldn't be surprised, Ji-Hun was overly friendly and he never really thought twice before initiating a conversation.

"We talk from time to time. He's the senior president now and you know I have to attend school council meetings now since they asked me to be part of the council," Ji-Hun said as he typed in his laptop's password.

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