Chapter Twenty Eight.

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"Have you had enough yet, little seer?"

Elenora's voice buzzes around in my ringing ears. My whole body feels depleted, but instead of admitting that, I just smile up at her. At least I try to smile up. My body is weak under my command and I'm hardly sitting up on my own. If it weren't for her arm draped behind me I'd be in the floor.

"Take as much as you need." I mumble, no longer able to look at the needle coming from my arm. I blink the stars out of my eyes and focus on the white ceilings, counting the little divots in the concrete.

The man hums to himself as he watches my blood flow for him. "Just a bit more."

Show strength. Be valuable. Gain trust.

Yeah, Malcom, I know.

"The beautiful thing..." My head bobs. "about keeping me I'll only make more and more of it."

Elenora smiles beside me, petting my head. "Certainly helps having such a cooperative pet." She purrs.

"Call her what you want, I don't trust her one bit." Defario's voice puts me back on edge. I've been trying to forget that he's sitting with us too. Out of stupidity I glance over at him and instantly wish I hadn't. As beautiful as his brilliant green eyes may be, they are far out shadowed by the long pearly fangs he's had his teeth filed down into. He loves when he catches me looking, grazing his wet tongue over his sharp teeth as he smiles. "She looks tasty though."

I muster a glare that Dalton would be proud of. "You'll never know." I snap, then regret the outburst. Play nice!

"Tough and nice to look at, my favorite. The most fun to break." My stomach rolls and twist as the man pulls the needle from my arm with excruciating slowness, and Defario can't take his eyes off of it. I want to pull back but Elenora holds me in place as Defario runs one sharp fingernail down my pale arm. He smiles at my discomfort, then leans down slowly to lick away the little blob of blood that oozes when the needle is out. He groans, licking his lips as he sits up. "I was right." He winks.

Elenora rolls her eyes at him and slides between us. "Ok, you've had your fun. Now go see to it that your men aren't making any messes for my people to have to clean up."

"Messes?" He snaps, his annoyance redirected at her instead of me. I'm grateful for it as I lean forward, more like fall forward, to slump across the table.

"You know what I'm talking about." She waves her hand to dismiss him. "Keep them away from people. You let them go too far to the East last week. We don't need your men drawing attention to us here."

His eyes darken a shade. "My men know their place." He growls.

She tilts her head innocently. "A shame, if only the same could be said for you."

He takes a heavy step toward her, and she shows no sign of backing down.

"You're asking for it." He spits at her.

She lifts her chin and smiles. "Begging, actually." Her eyes begin to swirl to white.

"ENOUGH." The man's voice booms, final. Elenora and Defario fall back from each other. "Keep your eyes on the prize. Kill each other when we are finished here. Not before."

"Looking forward to it." Defario smiles at her.

Elenora giggles like a schoolgirl. "Oh, likewise."

Defario goes to stalk out, but then he stops at the door, to my displeasure, he's smiling at me again. "You know, if you survive this, when the blood is finished and we've all been injected, you should join my Force." He smiles wickedly. He's making sure I know what he's saying as he licks his fangs again. Join me or be my dinner. "A strong seer like you, when you're turned you'll be a force to be reckoned with."

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