Airport Love?

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~ Jocelyn's POV ~

I was wearing a simple pink flowy shirt. Pink isn't really my color but I guess it's nice? And some light blue a bit ripped jeans. I decided to fold them up to about above my ankle. I curled my hair to make it cute beachy waves and added a cute white bow. I toped it of with some white low top converse. Cause converse work with anything!! So I was going for the simple but cute look. I applied some simple makeup cause I'm not a big fan and I grabbed my iPhone and headed out.

~Way to the airport~

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I can't breathe Matt lands in like an hour! Accounting to my research.(; well not really the girls in the Fanclub told me. Well everyone but I think I might be the last one to get there.:(

Last Night before I fell asleep I kept reading Matt's tweets and his tweet to me OMG! I just can't wait!

We got there and I just froze like OMG is this really happening am I finally going to meet my soulmate. Oops accidentally said that out loud. My family looked at me with weird faces and tried not to laugh which I know they will after I'm off the car.

I got off the car and checked for the baggage claim. I was just waiting there to hopefully see him. I then saw another girl with a Matt shirt arriving. Woah was I really the first one? I approached the girl and said hi. She gave me a weird look like um RUDE! I then said.

Jocelyn: I'm a hunter too by the way.

Hunter: oh sorry I didn't realize you where one

Jocelyn: don't worry about it. So have you met Matt before?

Hunter: yeah this will be my second time.

Jocelyn: OMG lucky! this will be my first oh and my name is Jocelyn. *i smiled nicely*

Hunter: My name is Maria.


Maria: I'm ganna go to the bathroom I'll be back.

And there I was all alone again...

While I waited for Maria Matt had tweeted he was here! I panicked and searched for him.

I was running around when I bumped into this really handsome dark haired boy.

Jocelyn: OMG I'm sorry!

Boy: don't worry about it you where in a hurry.

Woah was he cute!

Jocelyn: OMG!

Authors Note~

Hehe sorry had to was running out of ideas.(; so I'll try to update on Tuesday or even today. Hmm never know so keep on the look out. Please comment on what you think. Vote and stuff. Thanks for reading! this is my very first fanfic so yeah. Well byeee


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