Constant Battles

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Nia 👅💅🏾💕

2:30 p.m

''Baby did I tell you how good you look right now and how much I love you

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''Baby did I tell you how good you look right now and how much I love you.'' Shawn said driving while trynna butter me up, but I knew way better than that. I've been dealing with Shawn for way too long. I can see right through his bs. I don't even know why he was trying me right now, but I was sure about to get to the bottom of it all you can believe that.

''Mmhmm I love you too Shawn, but I'm far from stupid what's going on?'' I said riding passenger with him in his brand new 2016 all black Mercedes Benz. Yeah Shawn was flossing or whatever, but if you knew Shawn then you knew that's always been him. I did love riding around with my man through these New York streets looking good as hell.

Me and Shawn have been doing so good, too good if I must say. We barely argue and if we do it's over something petty as hell, but we end up becoming right back cool. I love our relationship, I love him. Both of our lives are going really good it seems like and it's nothing like being happy with the man of your dreams.

Let me tell you that feeling is just amazing me and Shawn been through hell and back from babies to ... well y'all know hell, but hey look at us now we're doing wonderful and our anniversary is coming up, so I can't wait to see what he has planned for us.

Shawn is full of surprises as we all know so there's no telling what my baby has up his sleeve. Really I don't care what we do as long as I get to spend quality time with him.

Shawn told me to get ready for today so I did, but when I asked him where we were going he didn't say. He was good for that boy I tell you. All I know is that it better be something good. I low key hate surprises and Shawn just keeps on playing with me like I won't smack him upside the head. Lord knows I love him to the moon and back, but my patience has always been low. It's okay cause God knows my heart and that's all that matters.

''Baby our anniversary coming up, I already got everything planned you gone love it for real Nia just wait.'' He said continuing to drive and avoid my question. I don't know why he continued to play with me like this, he knows I'm half bougie and half crazy. That crazy side was about to come out in 2.5 seconds I can tell you that much.

I gave him this look while he tried to avoid my eye gaze , but by now let me tell you I was burning holes in the side of his head. He tried so hard to focus on the road as I peeped his fresh ass hair cut and diamond ear ring. Shawn looked good as hell right now, but I wouldn't let that get in between of what I wanted to know.

My sexual thoughts could wait right now, If he keeps playing with me I'll hold out on his ass or at least I'll try a girl does have needs and Shawn knows how to meet them all.

I shook those thoughts out my head as I started to speak up once again.

''That's nice baby it really is and I can't wait to spend it with you BUT Shawn you got one more time to try and act like nothing's up, what's going on? Tell me and tell me now.'' I said continuing to look at him. He had me messed all the way up right now.

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